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Press Release -- October 27th, 2023
Source: KDDI America

California DMV Suspends Cruise’s Driverless License

This week, the California DMV suspended Cruise’s permit to deploy self-driving vehicles and test driverless operations on California public roads after identifying safety risks. DMV notified Cruise of the suspension on 10/24, and the suspension is effective immediately.

Going forward, DMV will not approve reopening permits until it can confirm that it meets DMV-required safety standards.

According to the DMV’s statement, in addition to the safety risks, there were also concerns about misrepresentation of information regarding the safety of self-driving technology.

Looking at the Cruise app, the service has been temporarily suspended as of yesterday, making it impossible to reserve a self-driving taxi.

 Cruise has been under increasing pressure since the California Public Utilities Commission gave its rival Waymo permission to test robot taxis in San Francisco.

Cruise has repeatedly faced safety concerns, agreeing to the DMV’s request to cut the city’s robotaxi fleet in half after two previous crashes.

Cruise announced this month that it has signed an agreement with Honda to begin providing self-driving taxis in Japan and has just announced that it will begin operating in central Tokyo from early 2026.

Since it is also a key player in the self-driving business in Japan, I think Japan will also be paying close attention to its battles with city authorities and the DMV, as well as safety risks, in the United States.

As a resident of San Francisco, I am a little disappointed that Cruise taxis will no longer be available, but I will continue to monitor future developments.

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