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Press Release -- September 12th, 2023
Source: gsa

Growth in 5G FWA device shipments doubling year-on-year, GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum CPE vendor survey reveals

  • 11 Sep 2023
     Richard White

    Industry reports inflationary pressures remain, but component shortages now largely a thing of the past

    The GSA 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access Forum today released the findings of its annual Fixed Wireless Access CPE market survey, revealing that 5G FWA CPE shipments more than doubled in 2022 to 7.4 million and are forecast to increase again to 13.8 million during the current year. This figure represents more than 40% of all shipments by the vendors surveyed, compared to just 29% of shipments in 2022.

    In its recent FWA market report, GSA identified announced service offers for FWA using LTE or 5G from 535 operators in 186 countries and territories and launched services from 455 operators in 173 countries and territories worldwide. The findings of the 2023 CPE vendor survey confirm that this operator momentum behind FWA services is reflected in growing device shipments. As the industry scales, prices for 5G CPE devices are forecast to reach parity with those of 4G CPE by 2025, aligning with the growth in operators marketing residential or business 5G FWA broadband services as part of their 5G offering.

    Key findings of the 2023 GSA Fixed Wireless Access CPE Market Survey include:

    1. 5G FWA CPE shipments more than doubled to 7.4 million (+111% YoY) and are forecast to increase again to 13.8 million (+86%) in 2023, representing 43% of device shipments.
    2. Aggregated shipments for the surveyed companies increased in 2022 to 25.4 million units (12% YoY), driven by the growth of battery-powered pocket routers. FWA Indoor & Outdoor CPEs grew 9% in 2022, reaching 18.8 million units.
    3. Shipments of FWA Indoor & Outdoor CPEs are expected to grow 31% in 2023 to almost 25 million units, driven by strong growth of Indoor CPEs expected to reach 21.6 million units (34% YoY).
    4. Although a smaller share of 5G shipments, mmWave-capable device shipments more than doubled in 2022 (0.45 million) and are expected to grow more than 70% in 2023 to reach close to 800 thousand units.
    5. Regional shipments mix remained similar in 2022 compared to 2021, except for growth in China to reach 17% global share (+6p.p.) primarily driven by a reduction in Europe to 19% of volumes (-6p.p.). Telecom operators are the main channel for CPE shipments, representing 70% of volumes in 2022 and expected to grow to 77% in 2023.
    6. Among CPE form factor trends, there is a strong consensus that flexible indoor and outdoor CPE and self-installation apps are growing. Window-mounted, and Hybrid fibre/DSL CPE have more mixed expectations.
    7. The majority of respondents do not expect component shortages in 2023 and 2024, but inflationary pressures remain.
    8. As with previous years, the majority of vendors foresee 5G CPE prices will reach parity with those of 4G CPE by 2025.

    The full survey report is available to download from the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum website here: The GSA research team and FWA Forum will also discuss the findings of the survey in more detail during a webinar, open to all industry stakeholders, on 28th September 2023. You can register to attend the webinar here:

    “FWA emerged as a prime monetization use case for 5G. The survey results confirm that strong momentum with 5G FWA shipments moving towards mainstream and breakthrough growth for millimeter wave capable devices,” said John Yazlle, vice-chairman of the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum. “These results also show the strength of a broad 3GPP ecosystem bringing scale and innovation to support the adoption of 5G FWA in all continents.”

    The GSA 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access Forum was established in late 2020 by 14 initial Partners and Members. “The purpose of the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum is to bring together the FWA ecosystem and educate the industry about the FWA market as currently there is a lack of market definition and consensus on the volume of FWA device shipments and installed base. This unique survey plays an important role in providing facts and insights into the true state of the fixed wireless access market and how it is evolving and growing globally,” said Julien Grivolas, chairman of the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum. Since then, the Forum has grown to 55 companies that are promoting the benefits of FWA for mobile broadband as well as their own position in this growing ecosystem. FWA devices suppliers (CPE) form the bulk of membership but there are also module, chipset and service companies in the Forum who support ongoing activities. For companies interested to join the Forum, please email and we will get in touch shortly with you to introduce what we do in more details and share our Terms of Reference.

    The survey results present the aggregate answers of 27 CPE vendors that together form a significant representation of the 3GPP-based 4G/5G FWA device market. All companies are members of the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum and were surveyed on a range of topics including shipments, market trends, form factors and device features, current and future.

    The GSA FWA CPE market survey was first conducted in 2021. The data for the latest annual GSA Fixed Wireless Access CPE market survey was collected between May-June 2023. Participants in the 2023 survey included: Asiatelco Technologies Co, Askey, BEC Technologies, Casa Systems, Compal, Da Ta Technologies, Elsys, Gongjin Mobile Communication/T&W, Gosuncnwelink Technology, Green Packet, Huawei, Inseego, Intelbras, Jaton Technology, MeiG Smart Technology, MiWire, Nokia, Notion InfoTech, Oppo, Shenzhen Jointelli, SMAWave, Tozed Kangwei, Vantiva, Wavetel, WNC, YaoJin Technology, Zyxel.

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    About GSA
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