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Press Release -- July 19th, 2023
Source: Orange Business, orcl

Orange unveils its first hybrid private mobile network allowing companies to access private and public networks simultaneously

  • Mobile Private Network hybrid is a two-in-one solution: it provides simultaneous access to a private network and to the public network, the commercial mobile network of Orange France
  • Based on 5G Stand-Alone (5G SA) technology and exploiting the functionalities of Network Slicing, Edge Computing and Local Break Out, this network has been successfully tested in the premises of Orange France in Arcueil
  • The solution offered by Orange Business allows companies to benefit from the advantages of a private network (guaranteed performance, low and stable latencies, increased data security) and the support of existing operator infrastructures.

Since the launch of the network and the first 5G offers for businesses at the end of 2020, Orange Business and Orange France have been constantly innovating to continue to develop services and uses. As technology continues to evolve, Orange is actively investing in France in the construction of private mobile networks backed by its public network, exploiting the potential of 5G Stand Alone, Network Slicing, Edge Computing and Local Break Out (local routing of data flows). The first hybrid private mobile network (Mobile Private Network hybrid) was tested at Orange’s premises in Arcueil (Ile-de-France) using the commercial 5G radio network.

A hybrid private network among the most innovative on the market
This hybrid solution makes it possible to make the most of the public network and equipment dedicated to the service of the customer’s critical uses on his site. Operated 100% by Orange, it allows, from a single network solution, a single SIM card and a single radio coverage:

  • To cover both critical and office uses by guaranteeing isolation of flows and quality of services adapted to the different applications.
  • To offer businesses simultaneous access to the two networks and thus improve the experience of the field operator.
  • To ensure the transit and maintenance within the site of critical data as well as to guarantee low and stable latencies allowed by the Local Break Out.

Orange implements its first dual slice communication on a hybrid Mobile Private Network
As part of this first implementation, Orange is integrating a router supplied by Cradlepoint. The latter connects simultaneously to the two networks and directs the data flows to the appropriate network (depending on the application used or the previously defined use case). Behind the router, a laptop computer simultaneously uses two applications on two different slices: on the one hand, video communication via the Internet on the public network to allow assistance from a remote expert, on the other and at the same time, the supervision application for an industrial process, all the data of which circulates locally on the private network.

The separation of data flows is complete from the application on the terminal to the core network in order to ensure the quality of services and to reinforce the security of data, applications and production processes.

The network used in the implementation of the hybrid Mobile Private Network is the public network of Orange France which relies on its current suppliers: Ericsson for the 5G access network, Nokia for the 5G access network and 5G SA core, and Oracle Communications for 5G signaling and routing.

Cradlepoint offers 5G routers, supporting 5G SA and network slicing, suitable for tertiary buildings and rugged versions suitable for industrial environments.

What uses for hybrid Mobile Private Networks?
This first implementation of Mobile Private Network hybrid demonstrates the possibility for companies and actors in the field to gain in efficiency and productivity.

This innovation paves the way for many uses, particularly in industry, by connecting industrial equipment, objects, smartphones, tablets, human-machine interfaces, or even autonomous vehicles.

Let’s take the example of a port, which can acquire a single network to cover both its office needs (links with subcontractors, exchanges with remote sites, etc.) and those of the external parties it hosts, and cover its uses beyond the site’s borders (forklift operators, transport of goods, road, river or rail). All this while supporting critical activities on the port, including welcoming the public in complete safety and activities in the Port Industrial Zone (connecting technicians in Push-to-Talk, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, real-time video, Lone Worker Protection, etc.).

“Companies in all sectors are facing modernization, competitiveness and resilience challenges. The evolution of existing networks towards a hybrid private model promises major benefits in terms of production optimization, improvement of the experience of actors in the field and technology management. Orange mobilizes its dual expertise as operator and integrator to support its customers in their transformations. », says Valérie Cussac, Senior Vice-President Smart Mobility Services, Orange Business.

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