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Press Release -- July 27th, 2023
Source: avgo

Broadcom Delivers Industry-Leading Cloud Technology To Enterprise Data Centers

New Trident 4-X7 Ethernet Switch Doubles Bandwidth, Cuts Power per 100G Port in Half, and Offers Hyperscale-Class Visibility, Security and Reliability

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 27, 2023  Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGO) today announced delivery of the new Broadcom Trident 4-X7 Ethernet switch ASIC— a 4.0 Terabits/second fully programmable switch designed for enterprise data center ToR (Top of Rack) boxes.

The Trident 4-X7 offers native support for 400G connectivity to the next-generation spine/fabric technologies, which are making their way from the cloud into enterprise data centers. This new device offers greater performance and features, while cutting power per 100G port by more than half versus the current generation solution.

The Trident 4-X7 also offers hardware features for analytics, diagnostics and telemetry that cloud customers can use to automate their data center operations. These features will greatly improve reliability, while reducing operational costs. Also, Trident 4-X7 is fully programmable and can be upgraded in the field to support new data center requirements. This is imperative for the longer enterprise life cycles that necessitate the highest level of future-proofing for longer platform lifetime and investment protection.

“Broadcom has made huge investments in addressing the needs of our cloud customers,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom. “We are also uniquely positioned to bring all of these cloud technologies into enterprise data centers. Enterprise customers can now take advantage of the same capabilities and innovations.”

As the enterprise market enters a new upgrade phase with their spine networks migrating to 400G, the next generation of enterprise data centers will immensely benefit from the Trident 4-X7. The SerDes and port speeds provided by the Trident 4-X7 will support the next generation of servers as AI/ML workloads expand into enterprise data centers. The chip also supports Enterprise SONiC and SAI to promote rapid and seamless integration into data center operations networks.

Trident 4-X7 Key Benefits

  • Doubles bandwidth, while reducing power by more than half compared to current generation
  • Forwarding and policy scales greatly increased over the current generation to support ever-expanding network sizes
  • High-performance enterprise ToR with support for 50G or 100G to the server and 400G connectivity to the spine/fabric
  • A fully programmable switch, allowing powerful new feature additions without any need for hardware changes
  • Investment protection with a long time horizon for enterprise data centers that will need to track innovations developed for the cloud segment


Broadcom is now shipping Trident 4-X7 devices to qualified customers. For more information on the Broadcom Trident 4-X7 Ethernet switch please click here.

To learn more about all Broadcom products please visit

About Broadcom
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Press Contact:
Jon Piazza

Corporate Communications

Telephone: +1 310 498 5254


Martin Hull, Vice President, Cloud Titans and Platform Product Management, Arista Networks

“Arista 7050X and 7358X Series running EOS provide a compelling range of solutions for enterprise data centers, powered by multiple generations of the Broadcom Trident architecture. Arista appreciates the innovation and evolution of Trident 4 technology with next generation SerDes and telemetry features. It validates the speed migration to 25G leaf and 100/400G spines with optimized power reduction in future enterprise networks.”

Richard Li, Vice President of H3C Group, GM of Switching BU

“H3C Group is one of the leading providers of both Cloud and Enterprise datacenter solutions for the Chinese market. As such, our customers expect us to be at the leading edge of the newest technologies in both segments. Trident 4-X7 allows us to offer the latest Cloud technologies to our Enterprise customers, enabling their transition to 400G, while staying within their price and power budgets.”

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