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Press Release -- May 10th, 2023
Source: bulk-infrastructure

DE-CIX launches in Norway with a successful event at the Munch Museum

Kristian Kofoed-Solheim, Business Development Director, Bulk Data Centers

Last Wednesday, May 3rd, Bulk Data Centers and DE-CIX marked the launch of DE-CIX’s Internet Exchange hubs in Norway, with a well-attended launch event at the Munch Museum in Oslo. As a witness to the occasion. I can attest to the excitement surrounding the launch of DE-CIX, an interconnection platform that brings together networks, cloud, and content providers to create a more efficient and secure digital infrastructure.

The event had an impressive panel of speakers. DE-CIX CEO, Ivo Ivanov emphasised the importance of connectivity in the modern world and how DE-CIX can meet growing data demands. Gisle M. Eckhoff, Head of Bulk Data Centers, highlighted the benefits of the partnership and the significance of the connectivity infrastructure network we have built and its importance to Norway and Denmark.

The event also featured presentations from other industry experts, including Christopher Frenning, the National Technology Officer at Microsoft, and Rina Mariann Hansen, Oslo’s Vice Mayor for Business and Development and Public Ownership. They emphasised the need for Norway to have advanced digital infrastructure that supports the needs of its enterprises, public institutions, and citizens.

How does DE-CIX work?

You might ask yourself, who DE-CIX really is and how it works? Well, imagine the internet as a web of interconnected highways. In this analogy, DE-CIX acts as a massive traffic interchange that connects a large number of different highways. It allows networks, cloud, and content providers to exchange data traffic directly, bypassing the public internet and providing faster and more secure connections.

Why is our partnership with DE-CIX important?

So, why is DE-CIX important? More than 55% of businesses work in the cloud, and 73% of them are connected to the cloud through the internet. This means that most businesses rely on the public internet to access cloud services, which can be slow, unreliable, and vulnerable to security threats. With DE-CIX, businesses can connect directly to cloud providers, getting low-latency, high-security connections that are much faster and more reliable than using the internet.

DE-CIX also provides additional benefits, such as reducing the costs of data traffic, enabling greater control and security of data flows, and promoting the growth of a more dynamic digital ecosystem in Norway. By creating a new data gravity locally, DE-CIX aims to enhance the sovereignty and prosperity of Norwegian businesses and institutions.

The launch of DE-CIX in Norway represents a significant step towards creating a more efficient and secure digital infrastructure. Businesses can enjoy faster and more reliable connections to the cloud, reducing the costs of data traffic and promoting the growth of a more dynamic digital ecosystem in Norway. As Ivo Ivanov aptly stated, “DE-CIX is like the heart of the internet, and Norway is now connected to this heart”.

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