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Press Release -- April 18th, 2023
Source: CyrusOne

Highlighting Women in Technology: Q&A with Andrea Munoz, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

Andrea Munoz has been a familiar face at CyrusOne for nearly a decade. Since joining CyrusOne in 2014, Andrea has successfully led customer-centric initiatives and service delivery teams that have fueled CyrusOne’s scalable growth and elevated its customer-centric operations and culture.

Her accomplishments have earned her several promotions and increased responsibilities, including her most recent promotion to Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, a new role with the company. In this new position, Andrea is responsible for an ecosystem of services aimed at delivering high-touch, optimal customer experiences. Andrea’s oversight includes data center operations, physical security, customer success, implementations, service delivery, and crisis management.

As a leader in technology, we recently sat with Andrea to learn more about her background and what it means to be a woman working in technology.

How would you describe your background and how it has developed and grown your interest in technology?

I am truly fortunate to work in technology, but I didn’t step through a technical door. I began my career in a more customer-facing role. While working in the telecommunications industry, one of my responsibilities within the organization morphed into a more technical role. As that role continued to evolve, I was responsible for provisioning, routing, configurations, and capacity management on our enhanced services platforms. Later, I worked for a pioneer in e-commerce and was responsible for a team of software developers, information technology, network engineering, customer service, and risk management. I didn’t take the traditional route to working in technology, but my past experiences and interest in the next big thing has fueled my passion.

What are some of the biggest achievements you’ve had so far at CyrusOne?

My path to CyrusOne started with a cold call to the human resources department. I’d spent several years in telecom and was looking to gain experience in a different industry. In prior roles, I was part of the decision-making team on data center selection and was intrigued by what I viewed as an industry with high growth potential. I took a step back title and scope-wise to get my foot in the door and within the past eight years, I have been promoted three times and I am now responsible for a technology ecosystem of services aimed at delivering high-touch, optimal customer experiences. I have direct oversight of a large team involved in facilities management, service delivery to clients, and physical security. What I am most proud of is the privilege of leading the teams I have responsibility for. I truly believe people are our most valuable asset and are the foundation for differentiation in a competitive environment.

How has technology influenced your career and your work at CyrusOne?

I have a true passion for technology, and I am constantly evaluating how to use technology to improve CyrusOne’s overall performance. While having a technical education and background is certainly a major benefit, I believe strongly that individuals shouldn’t be discouraged from pursuing a career that leads them down a more technical path if they didn’t start out in one. Having a technical aptitude, a willingness to learn, and an interest and excitement about what’s coming next can open the door to a rewarding career in data centers and technology.

Working for a data center company provides opportunities to work with new and interesting technologies such as AI, AR, and VR technologies. As data center operations become increasingly complex, these technologies are key to optimizing operations, improving efficiency, and reducing downtime. The use of technology also helps decrease the learning curve for those interested in a data center career. I find it makes the team’s jobs more enjoyable and allows them to focus more on the big picture which helps foster innovation and more meaningful work.

To learn more about Andrea Munoz, visit our Leadership page.

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