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Press Release -- January 25th, 2023
Source: Fatbeam

Why Fiber Is The Best Option For Your Business

If your goal is to stay on top, be ready for what is coming next, and keep increasing your business’s competitive edge, then it is time to consider a dedicated fiber network. A dedicated fiber optic network built to support the newest technologies, applications, and security is crucial to providing your customers and employees with fast, low latency performance that enables consistent internet experiences for both downloading and uploading information. A dedicated fiber network begins with providing a reliable, scalable bandwidth to handle rapidly changing and increasing workload demands.

Benefits of A Dedicated Fiber Network 

Scalability and speed are two of the important benefits of a dedicated fiber network. Fiber allows you to increase capacity and adapt to changing business needs with scalable bandwidth up to 400 Gbps or more.

Fiber speed reduces latency and allows for quick retrieval and uploading of information, which is a primary satisfier for your customers and employees. No one likes waiting for information to load and many businesses, including financial institutions and medical facilities, need immediate data and imaging or video that can’t wait. The basic technical advantage of fiber is the ability to provide the same upload and download speeds. This enables the type of performance you need to run over-the-top applications.

Reliability and Staying Connected

With a dedicated Fiber Network, you can stay connected from any location to your high-performance internet making remote work easy and secure. Many broadband offerings, such as DSL and cable, originated in the consumer space. At the same time, fiber networks have grown out of the mid-markets and enterprise environment where service level agreements (SLAs) are part of doing business. With on-site and remote workforces logging on from many different locations, this added reliability offers peace of mind to IT professionals and business managers alike. Dedicated Fiber Networks deliver the most reliable internet experiences with dedicated internet access and Service level agreements guaranteeing 99.99 percent service reliability and availability.

Improved Productivity

Organizations are increasingly reliant on collaboration tools in order to ensure a distributed workforce stays connected and coordinated. Videoconferencing has become one of the biggest workforce stories of the past three years. Videoconferencing is not just bandwidth intensive. The ability to transmit a user’s video image along with words to an audience relies on upload speeds. Traditional broadband was never optimized for this. These higher-tech bandwidth-consuming services, such as videoconferencing, can exist alongside other tools, such as instant messaging, VoIP, and other collaboration services on the same fiber network without sacrificing upload or download speeds, enhancing a business’s productivity.


Fiber is more affordable than many might think. With multiple financial options available, there is an option for every budget, giving you the network quality, you need at a price you can afford. There’s no longer any need to sacrifice speed, performance: reliability, or security. If your business demands are increasing, now is the time to check into a dedicated fiber network so you can continue to grow with the agility and scalability you need to stay on top of your competition.

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