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Press Release -- January 13th, 2023
Source: Fatbeam

High-Speed Internet That Supports Your Business Goals

Businesses of all sizes recognize the important role the internet plays in their business success by quickly and accurately completing daily business tasks to providing quality, seamless customer interactions that build trust and loyalty with the brand.

A high-speed internet connection provides many benefits and protects your business against slow internet speeds, latency, and weak WiFi signals that can hinder business growth and frustrate employees and customers with slow response times.

Improved Productivity

Bandwidth can mean the difference between business success and failure. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can b transferred across a connection. Different tasks or activities require different amounts of bandwidth. For example, sending an email requires significantly less bandwidth than a high-definition video conference.

Bandwidth is important because it affects employee productivity as well as business and customer interactions. Your router prioritizes traffic on your connection. If you have employees that send large attachments or they do a lot of online research, they could experience extended delays or slowdowns if the network diverts a majority of its bandwidth resources to someone uploading or downloading a large file or streaming a webinar, for example.

If your business handles complex tasks and has a large number of employees, you will need higher internet speeds. It is important to remember that the internet is not just important for downloading but also for uploading. If you do not have sufficient upload speeds, you won’t be able to make skype calls or have proper video conferences. It will also take longer to upload larger files to your website or back up all your data.

If your business has a non-dedicated internet connection, you may have experienced inconsistent speeds. This is because your circuit on-ramp to the Internet will operate at the bandwidth and speed you purchased, but once your traffic hits your ISP’s network, the actual speed can fluctuate depending on the amount of other active traffic on the network.

If you are tired of inconsistent performance or you need better data security, consider Dedicated Internet Access offered by Fatbeam. It is backed by Fatbeam’s privately owned and operated fiber optic network. You get uncontested and private access to the internet, so you can receive the speed/bandwidth you purchase 100% of the time. You also benefit from stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), so you receive the access and online experience you expect.

Dedicated Internet access from Fatbeam is flexible, so you can transfer mission-critical data at high speeds while also providing reliable service with a track record of 99.99% uptime. Finally, you will be able to meet all your business goals and drive productivity because you receive the bandwidth and throughput you need without competing for bandwidth and speed with other users.

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