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Press Release -- January 20th, 2023
Source: Fatbeam

Fatbeam Shield: Add Protection To Your Internet Connection

No one can afford to take internet security for granted-especially large organizations and enterprises. In an environment where businesses face multiple challenges, such as utilizing more distributed teams, remote work, increased security threats, and reduced IT and security staffing, it is crucial that you build a cloud security strategy.

According to Gartner, this year saw an increase in US workers working remotely, over 50%, while 61% of organizations experienced a 25% or greater increase in cyber threats and alerts.

There are many things you can do to help protect your internet connection, such as using multiple firewalls, using strong passwords, utilizing a VPN or private internet connection, and ensuring all hardware and software applications are updated regularly.

A zero-trust network security strategy is the best option for businesses facing increasing cyber threats.

Zero Trust is a network security strategy that is based on the philosophy that no person or device inside or outside of an organization’s network should be granted access to connect to IT systems or workloads unless it is explicitly deemed necessary.

This is a strategy that assumes you never trust and you always verify. That means no device or system user is trusted to access any resource until their identity and authorization can be verified. It applies to employees working inside a private network from the worksite or working remotely from home, and it also applies to every person or endpoint outside of that network. It makes no difference how many times you have accessed the network before. Every time you go to connect, your identity must be verified again.

A zero-trust IT architecture reduces the attack surface and protects against cyberattacks. It also simplifies infrastructure requirements. Of course, nothing is entirely infallible, so adding additional security to your internet connection is important.

In addition to adhering to a zero trust architecture, you can add additional security and safeguards with Fatbeam Shield.

Fatbeam Shield protects your internet access as well as protects you from cyber threats out on the internet. It blocks requests to malicious sites before a connection is even established, which stops any cyber threats before they can reach your network or endpoints.

Don’t leave your system unprotected. Add Fatbeam Shield today to ensure your enterprise remains safe and secure so your business can function safely and consistently without threats and ransomware.

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