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Press Release -- December 14th, 2022
Source: Fatbeam

Take The Worry Out Of Firewall Security With Fatbeam Safeguard

One of the best ways to protect your organization’s network while allowing important and sensitive business communications to be sent and received is to make sure you have an up-to-date, managed firewall. It protects you from hackers and bad actors looking to cause your organization harm and can be used to keep employees away from insecure or non-work-related sites.

A firewall provides excellent security and protection, but it needs monitoring and management. Monitoring your own firewall is an extremely time-consuming, intense, and expensive task that requires a high level of security expertise and regular upgrades. If you are like many other businesses, you may lack the internal expertise, time, and financial resources to monitor your firewalls around the clock. A managed firewall can be an affordable, effective solution.

How A Managed Firewall Works

A managed firewall offers enhanced threat management. Security experts monitor your firewall remotely and can help identify and protect your company from any potential threats. The way they do this is to monitor your network traffic and learn what normal traffic looks like for your business. When any unusual activity is detected, it can be quickly identified and addressed.

Your firewall provider will also perform routine traffic analysis and send regular reports to you so you will have a clear sense of your network traffic patterns and how your managed services team manages threats to your network.

One of the benefits of IT services like managed firewalls is the power they have to leverage economies of scale. This allows them to offer companies the levels of cybersecurity they need at a price they can afford.

As the level of cyberattacks continues to grow, there is a corollary challenge-the burden of compliance regulations. Existing regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and Sarbanes Oxley continue to evolve with stricter and more technical compliance requirements. New regulations such as GDPR add to the complexity of compliance at all levels.

A managed firewall service provider with compliance expertise can ensure your company meets these legal requirements and help you avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.

If you rely on outdated tools and inefficient processes, you can easily increase the chances of a cyberattack. Fatbeam safeguard utilizes state-of-the-art technology and is designed to simplify firewall security. Fatbeam ensures you have the tools, the most recent versions of software, and the necessary resources needed behind the scenes.

Fatbeam provides organizations the simplicity desired and the security required. Our safeguard product provides you peace of mind with predictable and reduced IT expenses. With built-in redundancy, you can be confident that the Safeguard Firewall will always be there to protect your network.

Other benefits of Fatbeam’s safeguard firewall is that it is entirely scalable. It grows right along with your business without introducing new or additional risks. Unlike premise-based firewalls, you can say goodbye to hardware, software, and licensing costs in exchange for a lower fixed monthly cost.

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