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Press Release -- December 8th, 2022
Source: Fatbeam

DDoS Mitigation: Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Cybercrimes continue to rise, and businesses are constantly at risk of experiencing one or more cyberattacks that can bring your business to a halt. It is important to ensure your network is protected against all types of attacks. This article will focus on DDoS attacks and how to mitigate them.

What exactly is a DDoS attack? DDoS stands for distributed denial of Service. In this type of cyber-attack, an attempt is made to overwhelm your website or another internet-connected asset so that it becomes unavailable for use by legitimate users-namely, your customers. It accomplishes this task by exhausting a finite resource in most cases, that is, the volume of traffic an asset is capable of handling over a prolonged period. The attacker sends a large number of requests to the targeted asset or website in the hopes of exceeding the website’s capacity to handle that type of request. Once the attacker successfully jams the system and exhausts your website’s capacity, legitimate users will not be able to interact with your site.

DDoS attacks are one of the most common cyberattacks, particularly in the industry and financial business sectors. Attackers use this type of cyberattack to pressure companies to pay large sums of money to protect their sites from other such attacks.

Because there has been a significant shift to the cloud, earlier DDoS solutions are not effective. This means you will probably need to update your DDoS protection if you now operate in the cloud. Your business will need to make cloud security a strategic priority. Whatever DDOS solution you choose will need to be secure, efficient, and regularly adapted and updated to meet new DDoS threats that continue to emerge.

An adequate DDoS solution should be a real-time automated solution that can exclude any human error, and it should be able to mitigate any attack within 0-10 seconds. It should also be scalable and provide a superior cloud-based platform architecture that is flexible and easy to onboard. The solution must be able to predict attacks and adaptations. So it is important that any DDoS solution offers adaptive AI and machine learning so that it learns to recognize and detect unknown attack vectors with a high degree of reliability.

Organizations and businesses deal with DDoS attacks on a daily basis. As we have discussed, these attacks cause costly downtime and disruption. Be prepared to defend your business from even the largest threat with Fatbeam’s DDoS Mitigation Service. We provide a fully managed service that monitors, detects, validates, and mitigates attacks.

With Fatbeam’s DDoS mitigation, you are always protected by having the ability to block traffic going to your IP and a specific port. Many DDoS attacks are aimed explicitly at services that the server is not intending to use. This means that if we drop this traffic, the IP will still be able to use the internet through other ports. This ability allows your business or enterprise to remain functional and productive.

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