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Press Release -- November 11th, 2022
Source: padtec

Revenue from the international market doubles and contributes to Padtec’s good result in the third quarter

In the accumulated nine months of 2022, the supplier’s revenues in the international market already totals R$ 66.7 million, an amount that represents 21% of the total revenue in the period.

Padtec Holding (B3: PDTC3), the sole shareholder of Padtec S/A, a leading manufacturer of optical transport systems, ended the third quarter of 2022 with gross operating revenue of R$121.4 million, a figure that represents a growth of 17.3% in relation to the second quarter of the year. With this, the company’s operating revenue reaches the mark of R$ 318.6 million in the nine months of 2022.

Sales in the international market played an important role in this result, contributing 21% of the company’s total revenue from January to September 2022. As a result of Padtec’s international expansion strategy, revenues from sales outside Brazil recorded growth of 152% compared to the same period in 2021, totaling R$ 66.7 million in the nine months of 2022. In the comparison between the second and third quarters of the year, revenue from sales abroad more than doubled: from R$ 18.7 million, obtained from April to June, to R$ 39.1 million, from July to September.

After strengthening its presence in Latin American countries and establishing a partnership in Europe, Padtec announced this November an agreement with the Angolan consultancy Zanecom to offer DWDM solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Under the agreement, the solutions developed by Padtec become part of the company’s product line, which acts as an integrator of information and communication technology solutions. “Africa has great growth potential for high-capacity communication networks. With this initiative, our intention is to further accelerate Padtec’s international expansion plan”, highlights Manuel Andrade, Padtec’s North America CEO and Director of International Operations.

Padtec’s telecommunications network operation and maintenance services unit also recorded growth in the third quarter of 2022: 19.1% compared to the previous quarter and 23.9% compared to the same period last year. For Carlos Raimar, Padtec’s CEO and Investor Relations Officer, the result is the product of the company’s commitment to offering telecommunications services as a resource to guarantee the quality and reliability of the networks of operators and internet providers (ISPs). “The proposal is to help and boost the business of companies operating in the broadband market”, highlights Raimar.

With the objective of expanding its offer of services, Padtec recently launched the Smart Site, a cloud platform aimed at remote and real-time management of network environments (sites) of operators and ISPs distributed throughout the different regions of Brazil. “With this service, Padtec starts to offer its customers a complete and effective tool to deal with the complexities inherent to the management of network environments, minimizing the risks of interruption of critical operations”, explains Raimar.

Padtec’s gross profit, in the third quarter of the year, reached R$ 33.3 million – which represents a growth of 18.3% in relation to the second quarter. Gross margin was 32.3%, maintaining the same level as in recent quarters. The company also recorded an improvement in EBITDA, with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of R$19 million (and EBITDA margin of 18.4%) – triple the amount recorded in the previous quarter.

For the future, Padtec’s plans include expanding its leadership in the Brazilian market, expanding its presence in the international market (with a focus on Latin America, the United States, Europe and Africa) and the development of new products and services.

The full results report is available on the ‘Investor Relations’ page of the Padtec website (

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