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Press Release -- November 3rd, 2022
Source: Fatbeam

Dark Fiber: Benefits Of Dedicated Bandwidth

Dark fiber is a high-capacity network solution for those who need unlimited bandwidth, complete service control, and total reliability. Dark fiber can carry multiple wavelengths simultaneously, which provides much higher bandwidth, lower latency, and greater security. It allows your company or organization to keep complete control over your linked point-to-point networks. Dark fiber enables you to self-manage and makes decisions regarding critical elements of your network, including the transmission equipment you use, protocols, and other settings.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is essential for a variety of reasons. If your company is data-driven and you have a lot of data on your site, that data will need to be backed up. You are going to need a lot of bandwidth. Bandwidth is also important for site loading time. Your organization cannot afford to have slow website loading times if you expect to attract and retain visitors to your site. If your site is not loading and working at optimum speeds, you will lose a lot of business and trust in your brand or organization.

Finally, web servers need bandwidth to process data requests and send the requested data. The more data, the more bandwidth it will require.

With dark fiber, you get unlimited bandwidth. This means it will scale with your network. You can replace, add or upgrade your equipment and technology whenever you want at the pace that makes the most sense for your business or organization’s growth. You can optimize your network and bandwidth without costly upgrades or disruptions.


Dark fiber allows you maximum security because you build a private physical network infrastructure using your own dedicated fiber strands. The end user provides their own switches, optics, and controls the deployment of the data transmission over the dark fibers.


With dark fiber, you can design your network specifically to support the configurations, applications, and services you need because you will light the network with your own custom-designed equipment. You aren’t relying on the specific equipment of a third-party service provider.


You have complete control over the equipment you choose to use. This means you can select the equipment that is best suited for your applications. You can also use your in-house expertise to manage your network.

Dark fiber is the ideal solution for large organizations with advanced networking needs. It is perfect for financial services companies, government agencies, and other large organizations that need unlimited bandwidth, high-speed connections, ultra-strong security, disaster recovery, and backups.

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