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Press Release -- November 18th, 2022
Source: Fatbeam

Cloudbeam: Private, Secure, And High-Performance Connections

Many companies started off using the public internet to access cloud service providers, CSP, and store business data because it was cheap and easy. Unfortunately, they quickly learned it was not a 100% safe bet. Data breaches and hackers caused businesses to reevaluate how they connected to the cloud as well as the types of data and workloads they sent over those connections.

Many cloud-based applications are sensitive to latency issues. This simply means that any delays in the network can cause performance issues, such as pauses in online gaming or jitter in video conferencing. These are just annoying performance issues, but businesses deal with mission-critical latency-sensitive, cloud-based applications such as banking information and fraudulent credit card activity or sending life-threatening patient data to a healthcare provider. For these types of applications, high-speed, low-latency connectivity is required between cloud providers and users’ applications. When you can close the distance between your IT infrastructure and cloud providers, applications and services will perform faster for your users. Private connectivity that bypasses the public internet allows organizations to control the distance between cloud on-ramps and users by reducing the number of internet traffic exchange points.

Public internet cloud connectivity cannot consistently deliver this low latency because many cloud on-ramps are located in a different metro area or even a different country from where the users reside. This means that the internet traffic is going through multiple hops, causing delays that result in poor performance.

Cloudbeam, provided by Fatbeam, enables your organization to have a high-performance, reliable, scalable, low-latency, secure private connection to your CSP, bypassing slow VPN connections.

With Cloudbeam, your enterprise will increase the value derived from your cloud investments while improving your service quality and the speed and flexibility that comes with dedicated fiber connections to the cloud.

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