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Press Release -- October 24th, 2022
Source: Fatbeam

Ethernet Virtual Private Line: Transmit Data From One Location To Another Faster

The ability to move large volumes of data quickly and securely is presenting greater and greater challenges for businesses and organizations. Enterprises need reliable data transmission solutions that are secure, and that eliminate the problems of cyber-attacks and security breaches. The best way to do that is using a virtual private line so you can avoid using the public internet.

Is your enterprise in need of an ethernet private line? There is a high chance that your organization needs a data transmission solution that includes an ethernet private line if:

  • Your organization has significantly increased its video consumption.
  • Your enterprise has shifted from an office environment to a work-from-home model.
  • Your enterprise utilizes critical latency-sensitive applications or has data backup requirements that include quality of service requirements such as guaranteed speed and throughput.
  • You are a service provider in healthcare, insurance, financial, or another industry vertical subject to strict data privacy rules and regulations.

If your business meets one or more of the above criteria, an ethernet virtual private line could be a great solution to your data transmission needs.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line service provides private point-to-point connections and employs a multiplexing technique to support a one-to-many topology. This means an ethernet virtual private line service can connect locations in both a point-to-point and a point-to-multi-point configuration. The ethernet virtual private line service circuits are typically used to link multiple offices, data centers, and cloud infrastructure together as a single Wide Area Network (WAN).

To establish an ethernet private line transmission service, a point-to-point dedicated connection is provisioned through a provider’s network between two user network interfaces (UNIs) on the customer’s network equipment, with one UNI at the source location and the other UNI at the destination location. An ethernet private line can use copper or fiber for its physical connection, although fiber is preferred if the connection will be handling very high bandwidth connections. Fiber delivers data transfer speeds up to 100Gbps.

Benefits Of An Ethernet Virtual Private Line

  • It provides data security by moving your data over private lines and not over the public internet.
  • You send data over your private lines with guaranteed bandwidth specifications. This eliminates delays, lags, and other latency issues you often experience when using a shared network. You also get to choose your bandwidth to fit your enterprise needs.
  • High-speed fiber connections provide a direct path between locations at speeds up to 100Gbps.
  • Ethernet private lines are scalable and easy to manage. Bandwidth can be increased quickly. Upgrading a connection is often just a simple programming change in the provider’s software configuration.
  • Ethernet virtual private lines are more affordable than traditional multiplexing or TDM private lines (T1, T3). The initial deployment costs are less, as are the bandwidth costs.

When you combine virtual private lines with ethernet, your critical data traffic will be transmitted from point A to Point B securely and quickly according to the bandwidth and performance you select when establishing your ethernet virtual private line service. You get the flexibility and scalability you want, along with the speed and security you need at an affordable cost to keep your organization safe, competitive, and growing.

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