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Press Release -- October 15th, 2022
Source: DE-CIX

DE-CIX Leipzig officially opened: data turbo for Central Germany

Frankfurt am Main/Leipzig, October 14, 2022. DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, is taking its newest location – DE-CIX Leipzig – online, accompanied by an official opening ceremony today. DE-CIX Leipzig is the first Internet Exchange for the German states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia and will be located in the data centers of envia TEL and PŸUR Business. There, companies from the local region can now interconnect with each other, as well as connecting to DE-CIX Frankfurt, one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world. Via this connection, companies from Central Germany that are connected to the exchange gain access to major international players such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Akamai, Netflix, and Meta. Users can benefit from better performance of modern digital applications – for both business and private use – such as cloud computing, video conferencing, video and music streaming, and gaming.

Internet Exchange makes Central Germany fit for the future

Modern digital services need fast Internet. It’s not just the capacity of the individual connection that matters, but also, and above all, the time it takes for data to get to its destination and back – what is known as latency. For modern applications like video conferencing to run smoothly, the latency should be no higher than 35 milliseconds, and for really good results even lower, at below 15 milliseconds. On the “data highway”, however, there is a purely physical speed limit, because data cannot travel faster than light. This means that data should be transported via the shortest possible route wherever possible, explains Dr. Thomas King, Chief Technology Officer at DE-CIX: “Data processing and exchange – for example, between a regional ISP and a video service like Netflix – must be undertaken as close as possible to the end user. Because the further the data has to travel, the higher the latency – and the poorer the experience, for example, when streaming video in HD/4K. This will become even more important in future applications for a wide range of industries. In autonomous driving or remote surgery, low latencies are a lifesaver.”

Not only do modern applications and services depend on low latencies and therefore modern digital infrastructure, but so too do innovative business models. “Good digital infrastructure is a decisive advantage for a region. This results in opportunities by attracting companies to the region and when competing for qualified staff, and ultimately increases the region’s tax revenues,” says Harald Summa, member of the DE-CIX Supervisory Board. “Frankfurt has become a magnet for the digital economy thanks to DE-CIX. Our goal now is to take this to scale and open an Internet Exchange in every German federal state in the coming years.”

DE-CIX in Leipzig, Germany and worldwide

The partners envia TEL and PŸUR Business not only provide DE-CIX Leipzig with a home in their data centers, but also act as resellers for DE-CIX’s cloud and interconnection services. With the new location in Leipzig, DE-CIX operates in total six Internet Exchanges in various regions of Germany, partly in partnership models with local providers. DE-CIX Frankfurt is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world in terms of data throughput. In total, the DE-CIX platform is accessible from over 250 German data centers and offers easy access to modern interconnection services. DE-CIX connects close to 3000 carriers, Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers and corporate networks from more than 100 countries at more than 40 locations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, and offers peering, cloud, and interconnection services. Together, the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges form the world’s largest neutral interconnection ecosystem, with a connected customer capacity of more than 100 terabits.

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