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Press Release -- October 6th, 2022
Source: Colt Group

Colt Technology Services launches 4G/5G Wireless Access in Japan

New solution guarantees bandwidth and MNO redundancy for optimised connectivity for cloud and SD WAN services.

October 6, 2022, TokyoColt Technology Services, a leading provider of agile, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions, today announced that it will offer “4G/5G Wireless Access Service” in Japan.

In today’s world where 4G/5G wireless communications such as 5G WANs are key considerations for enterprises, Colt customers will benefit from optimised Internet connectivity and cloud usage via 4G/5G. Colt will offer a one-stop-shop redundancy solution in combination with wired connectivity.

This service will be available in Asia and Europe from the 30th November, followed by regions in North America and the Middle East. In Japan, the service will be available from Colt directly and from the provider’s major sales partners.
An increasing number of companies are undergoing digital transformation projects to create new value; digitalizing their products, services, and business processes. As well as the migration of existing infrastructure to the cloud, new forms of cloud usage are also increasing, such as analytics and other data-heavy enterprise activity.

In this context, a growing number of companies are adopting mobile connectivity as WAN circuits to connect locations where it is difficult to install optical cables, such as factories and construction sites, or for quick delivery and short-term use at temporary sites. However, limited in bandwidth and operating on a pay-as-you-go model, conventional mobile communication services are not suitable for cloud connectivity or SD WAN.

Colt’s 4G/5G Wireless Access service offers limited and unlimited data plans with fixed billing and guaranteed bandwidth up to 100Mbps in Japan. The service also provides carrier redundancy, using multiple SIMs and automatically switching to a backup MNO operator if needed. This provides 24/7 fault tolerance and monitoring alongside set SLAs.

This service can be used as a primary line for cloud connectivity or SD WAN services, or as a backup connection for SD WAN. The guaranteed bandwidth ensures a reliable connection even when switching to a backup line, making this service suitable for situations where stable communications are needed within a corporate network.

Masato Hoshino, President of Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd. and Head of Asia, said;  “We are proud that we can now provide 4G/5G wireless services and IP Access wired services simultaneously, as a one-stop solution, at times when local 5G and 5G WAN corporate introductions are becoming more popular in Japan. We are truly global and will offer the same service in 90 countries around the world, and we look forward to serving a wide variety of industries in Japan and the rest of Asia, as we support them in their digital transformations.”

Colt plans to provide services mainly to corporations in the manufacturing, service, and retail industries that are adopting cloud computing and SD WAN to promote their digital transformation.

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