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Press Release -- September 13th, 2022
Source: DE-CIX

Expanding to Central and South-Eastern Europe: DE-CIX announces partnerships with Internet Exchange operators in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania

Frankfurt am Main, 13 September 2022. DECIX, the world’s leading operator of Internet
Exchanges (IXs), today announces partnerships with four IX operators in Central and South
Eastern Europe, extending the reach of all IXs. DECIX has entered into agreements with BIX.BG
in Sofia (Bulgaria), NIX.CZ in Prague (Czech Republic), Atman in Warsaw (Poland), and InterLAN
IX in Bucharest (Romania). The agreements enable each IX operator to offer their connected
customers a costefficient and easy solution to interconnect their networks and digital resources
across multiple locations within Europe. This move increases the attractiveness of what DECIX’s
partner IXs can offer their respective customers. The partnerships enable them access to the
world’s largest neutral interconnection ecosystem, including DECIX Frankfurt, one of the largest
Internet Exchanges in the world. With this announcement, DECIX strengthens its availability in
another four European countries, in addition to its strong existing presence in Central and
Southern Europe.

“Enterprises are in search of simplified complete solutions that solve their network platform
needs, looking for value, performance, security and geographical distribution. In Europe and
beyond, neutrality is key to achieving broad coverage of interconnection services, as is
integration, enabling a onestopshop approach with global relevance,” explains Ivo Ivanov, CEO
of DECIX. “Enterprises and networks of all kinds are beginning to understand that taking control
of their interconnection needs by connecting to an IX offers them increased quality and
resilience, as well as cost efficiencies. Wellintegrated IX partnerships, like those we have
entered into with BIX.BG, NIX.CZ, Atman, and InterLAN, are an excellent approach to achieve
greater geographical reach and densification to serve the changing connectivity needs.

Onestopshop availability in a further four key markets

This latest expansion of DECIX brings its interconnection services to four complementary
markets. Sofia, strategically located near the geographical center of the Balkans, has become an
important interconnection hub linking Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Asia. The neutral
Bulgarian IX BIX.BG has a presence in 10 data centers in Sofia and interconnects a great number
of domestic, regional, and international Internetrelated businesses. Prague, strategically
located in the heart of the Central Europe, within a convenient distance from all European
capitals, is home to NIX.CZ, the leading neutral IX in the Czech Republic. NIX.CZ, ranking among
the top 20 largest IXs in Europe, connects over 200 local and international networks, ensuring
the stable and reliable exchange of approximately two thirds of all data flow in the Czech
Republic, as well as providing interconnection services in Austria and Slovakia. Warsaw has
become one of the leading cities on the European data center market, with Poland’s own market
forecast to triple in the coming years. As Poland’s data center leader and a B2B telco carrier,
Atman specializes in dedicated ICT solutions, including the Thinx Internet Exchange. The
comprehensive infrastructure of high availability enables Atman to provide IaaS and
telecommunications services of critical significance. Bucharest is the center of the Romanian
economy and industry, accounting for around 24% of the country’s GDP and about onequarter
of its industrial production. InterLANIX is the leading neutral Romanian interconnection
platform and an important node in the southeastern peering ecosystem, with fifteen points of
presence in nine cities, bringing together more than 200 domestic and foreign peering partners
such as network operators, educational networks, content providers and enterprises.

Growing demands for crossborder interconnection services

This announcement extends the availability of the full set of DECIX interconnection services to
further markets and offers the additional benefit of the bundled power of an integrated IX
ecosystem in Central and SouthEastern Europe. It enables extended geographical reach for all
participating IXs to provide to their connected customers, as well as lowercost connectivity and
ease of interconnection, in response to the growing demands for interconnection services. The
partnerships allow for consistent quality and performance with streamlined service delivery and
lower costs all with a onestopshop solution: One contract, one bill, one point of contact, and
yet greater geographical scope for each IX and their respective customers. Crossborder
availability of highquality interconnection services, such as direct and dedicated cloud
connectivity and the secure interconnection of multiple business locations, multiple business
partners, and remote teams, will further support digital transformation in Europe.

# # #


DECIX (German Commercial Internet Exchange) is the world’s leading operator of Internet Exchanges (IXs). DECIX
offers its interconnection services in more than 40 metromarkets in Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East,
India, and Southeast Asia. Accessible from data centers in over 600 cities worldwide, DECIX interconnects thousands
of network operators (carriers), Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers and enterprise networks from
more than 100 countries, and offers peering, cloud, and interconnection services. DECIX in Frankfurt, Germany, is
one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world, with a data volume of close to 30 Exabytes per year (as of 2021)
and close to 1100 connected networks. More than 200 colleagues from over 30 different nations form the foundation
of the DECIX success story in Germany and around the world. Since the beginning of the commercial Internet, DE
CIX has had a decisive influence in a range of leading global bodies, such as the Internet Engineering Task Force
(IETF) on codefining guiding principles for the Internet of the present and the future. As the operator of critical IT
infrastructure, DECIX bears a great responsibility for the seamless, fast, and secure data exchange between people,
enterprises, and organizations at its locations around the globe.

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