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Press Release -- April 4th, 2022
Source: padtec

Innovative solutions for 5G networks will be the focus of Finep and Padtec projects supported by Funttel

Finep and Padtec signed, on the 16th, financing contracts with resources from the Fund for the Technological Development of Telecommunications.

Finep, the federal government’s technology and innovation investment arm, and Padtec, one of the world leaders in optical communications systems, are announcing the signing of three financing contracts with resources from the Telecommunications Technological Development Fund (Funttel) of the Ministry of Communications, aimed at the development of solutions for 5G networks.

The first project provides for the development of new products and implementation of new features in equipment from Padtec’s portfolio to launch a solution for optical communications equipment that support 5G networks. These new products will also seek certifications accepted in regions such as North America and Europe. The agreement is part of Padtec’s strategy for the coming years, which focuses on entering the 5G mobile communications market and also strengthening its position as an exporter of telecommunications products to markets outside South America.

This operation is the first contract signed under the Finep 5G program, which aims at supporting projects for the development of technological solutions aimed at 5G network infrastructure, of products and services that will be enabled by 5G and also the implementation of winning ventures in the 5G tenders that require the use national technologies.

The second project aims to develop cybersecurity solutions and incorporate them into telecommunications products in the company’s current portfolio. By doing this, Padtec will meet the new requirements regarding the use of advanced encryption methods, software integrity assurance, attack mitigation capacity, adoption of secure passwords, and others. The adoption of secure products by operators is one of the points required by regulatory agencies to ensure data security, in addition to being in line with good practices in the Brazilian and international markets.

The third project includes the development of new tools for the management system of Padtec’s DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) platform, divided into five modules: Service Control & Automation, Operation, Infrastructure, Planning, and Analytics. According to company data, in order to position itself in the networks of large and small operators, it is mandatory to develop applications to support the complete life cycle of the network – from planning the feasibility of the project to the centralized and automated management of network elements.

For Otavio Burgardt, director of innovation at Finep, “the supported projects have the potential to boost the supply of national technologies for 5G networks, ensuring safer and quality communications for the national population and contribute to the generation of qualified jobs, to consolidate the company as an exporter of national technologies to international markets such as Europe and the United States in addition to supporting the exchange of knowledge between the academic and business sectors by the participation of several ICTs in the projects”. The director points out that the contracts were signed in just over 70 days from the receipt of the proposals, which has been an internal guideline to guarantee more qualified support to innovative companies.

For Pedro Lucas Araújo, Director of Investment and Innovation at the Ministry of Communications and president of Funttel, the credit operations signed by Finep with Padtec reflect the important role played by Funttel in promoting the competitiveness of Brazilian industry. “Through a Finep program, Funttel’s resources are being invested in the technological densification of the Brazilian industry and in the development of new products and solutions. In addition, the project approved through the Finep 5G Program shows that both the Fund and Finep are aligned with the needs of the Brazilian telecommunications market, which will be transformed by the implementation of 5G networks”, highlights the executive.

Roberto Nakamura, Padtec’s Chief Technology Officer, highlights that the long-standing partnership with Finep meets the company’s commitment to constantly invest in the evolution of its product portfolio, providing the market with innovative and state-of-the-art technology solutions in optical communication systems. “With this partnership with Finep – one of the most important institutions for promoting technology and innovation in Brazil – our objective is to continue to foster national technological development and contribute to the growth of an ecosystem in the area of optical systems, reinforcing the our position as a technological leader in this segment”, highlights Nakamura.

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