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Press Release -- April 26th, 2022
Source: Huawei

China Mobile Sichuan and Huawei Jointly Carry out 5G 3CC CA Verifications

[Chengdu, China, April 25, 2022] China Mobile Sichuan and Huawei verified the TDD+FDD and TDD+TDD 5G SA 3CC CA solution on live networks in Chengdu. The test results show that Huawei’s 5G 3CC CA solution increases the physical-layer single-user peak rate to 4.52 Gbps, the highest of its kind on the sub-6 GHz band, even under complex air interface conditions.

test site3CC CA test site of China Mobile Sichuan

With the scaled deployment of 5G networks, HD video has become a mainstream network application. The fast rise of AR services also poses higher requirements for user experience. The carrier aggregation (CA) technology offers a way to increase bandwidth by piecing together several small carriers, which in turn maximizes the 5G user-perceived rate. What makes Huawei 3CC CA solution special is its integration with intelligent technologies to provide the optimal 5G experience, fulfilling users’ requirements for years to come.

China Mobile Sichuan and Huawei performed 3CC CA verification in typical networking scenarios, with one of the three component carriers on the n79 band (4.9 GHz), having a bandwidth of 100 MHz, and the other two on the n41 band (2.6 GHz) and n28 band (700 MHz), having a bandwidth of 100 MHz and 30 MHz, respectively. The single-user-perceived rate can reach 4.12 Gbps at different test spots. In order to deliver better user experience, the 2.6 GHz band will first support 5G networks in hotspot areas. Therefore, the two parties also carried out verifications that combine n79 band (4.9 GHz) with a bandwidth of 100 MHz and n41 band (2.6 GHz) with a bandwidth of 100 MHz and 60 MHz. The actual rate can reach 4.52 Gbps. This can facilitate the development of emerging services (like AR/VR) that have high requirements on network performance.

Huawei’s CA solutions also integrates intelligent technologies to shorten the time for enabling CA by 30%. It is estimated that the average CA user-perceived rate on the live network will increase by over 10%. The test result proves that intelligent technologies are critical for improving network performance and user experience.

A representative of China Mobile Sichuan said: “CA will be important for mobile networks to improve performance. With the goal of building a nationally-leading 5G network and our best practices in 5G technologies and experience, we will continue to explore innovative solutions to provide our customers with high-quality 5G experience.”

Aaron Jiang, President of Huawei’s Wireless SingleRAN Product Line, said, “Huawei will continue to help operators improve 5G performance by combining multi-band solutions with intelligent technologies. Our collaboration with operators will greatly help us promote user-centered mobile network development.”

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