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Press Release -- March 21st, 2022
Source: AT&T

AT&T Bridges Digital and Accessibility Divides

For millions of us, the American Dream remains out of reach due to a digital divide between those who have ready access to a computer and reliable internet connection – and those who do not.

Unfortunately, the individuals most at-risk of falling on the wrong side of the digital divide often already face accessibility challenges. Take this: According to Pew Research, just 62% of Americans living with a disability own a computer compared with more than 80% of those without a disability, while internet usage and access decrease significantly among adults ages 65 and older.

AT&T is doing its part to help bridge the gap.

“More than ever, people rely on AT&T services to connect with each other, advance their education, and pursue economic opportunity,” says Matt Hickey, vice president of Public Sector Marketing for AT&T.

“That’s why we’re creating flexible and affordable solutions that link students to the classroom, connect library patrons to educational resources and bring families together.”

Through support for public-private partnerships that combine the resources of local, state and federal governments with AT&T’s expertise and scale, the company is helping more people access reliable broadband and the technology necessary to navigate the digital landscape.

“We’re proud that AT&T’s commitment to bridging the digital divide means a more connected and inclusive future for all Americans – including 1 in 4 who are living with a disability. The steps we are taking today will ensure that, together, we are better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow,” says Matt.

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