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Press Release -- February 27th, 2022
Source: Huawei

Industry’s First 10+ km Long-Reach E-band Verified by CMPak Pakistan and Huawei

[Islamabad, Pakistan, February 27, 2022] CMPak Pakistan and Huawei have completed the industry’s first field deployment of 10+ km long-reach E-band recently in Rawalpindi, proving that the technology is ready for broad commercial deployment.

Operators in Pakistan have struggled with the nation’s low fiber coverage for years and so are turning to E-band as an alternative for large-capacity aggregation links. The high-band nature of E-band (80 GHz) makes transmission distance a key factor to consider when scaling up deployment.

This joint test proved that an E-band solution is suitable to cover long-distance scenarios. Huawei’s integrated high-gain E-band solution was built using CMPak’s commercial standards for SDB links. It managed to transmit data at 10 Gbps air capacity across 10.4 km, 50% higher than the industry average. As of today, the link has remained stable for two months. It not only boasts the highest gain the industry has ever seen, but can also counter some of the most common challenges facing link capabilities: multi-path fading, bad weather, and swaying poles. This performance is proof that the long-reach E-band is ready for large-scale deployment.

This long-reach E-band project can increase CMPak’s network deployment scope by 23%, making it a solid alternative to fiber. Long-reach E-band can deliver E-band applications beyond the normal urban to suburban areas to areas where fiber deployment is difficult. It also can also facilitate large-capacity backhaul for future 5G base stations.

E-band microwaveHuawei long-reach E-band microwave deployed in Pakistan

Muhammad Jawad Zafar Lodhi, CMPak’s DD Manager said, “We have been picking up speed building our networks. E-band builds networks with optimal TCO and shortest TTM, and the over 10 km transmission distance will help us build networks further.”

Perry Yang, President of Huawei’s Microwave Product Line also commented, “Long-reach E-band is an important direction for continuous innovation. It is projects like this that let us offer simplified, large-bandwidth, and easy-to-deploy microwave solutions to help our customers build leading networks and secure business success.”

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