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Press Release -- February 17th, 2022
Source: DE-CIX

DE-CIX India and Yotta Infrastructure join hands to provide Internet Peering and Interconnection Services

Mumbai, February 17, 2022: DE-CIX India, the largest carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator in the Indian market, establishes a new point-of-presence (PoP) at Yotta’s Uptime Institute Tier IV certified facility – Yotta NM1 in Panvel.

With this partnership, enterprises, content providers, cloud providers, and ISPs hosted at Yotta data center and/or at their own captive data centers in the western India region can now take advantage of expanded high-speed interconnection capabilities to the rest of the world. DE-CIX’s presence at Yotta NM1 will provide enhanced network performance, low latency, direct one-hop cloud connectivity, and Internet peering services to the majority of the ISPs across India and the world. It will also address low-latency edge requirements and ensure seamless content delivery to the last mile through a robust footprint of network nodes spread across the country.

With DE-CIX’s multi-service Interconnection platform at Yotta, these customers can now access a range of services including connectivity to hundreds of local carriers, Internet service providers (ISPs), and content and application providers, without having to establish direct, separate connections with each network.

Leveraging DE-CIX DirectCLOUD, customers can reach global cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and others through a single point, thereby eliminating direct connection costs. Moreover, Microsoft Azure Peering Service via DE-CIX enables enterprises hosted at Yotta NM1 to reduce latency to the Microsoft cloud and enhances connectivity to Microsoft 365 services.

Speaking on this partnership, Sunil Gupta, Co-founder, and CEO at Yotta Infrastructure say, “The last two years have sent digital transformation into hyperdrive. E-commerce and digital platforms have seen a surge, with an increase in the consumption of video and on-demand content services. Rising remote workspaces and accelerated migration to hybrid multi-cloud environments have increased data traffic. This calls for the creation of a resilient digital infrastructure that maximizes network performance while enabling reliable data transfer and seamless end-user interaction for enterprises.”

“We’re excited to host DE-CIX at our award-winning Yotta NM1 data center, fortifying our proposition to offer all our hosted customers and also all on-premises customers in the western India region, a variety of interconnection services, with the added advantage of reduced latency and enhanced network fabric connect. More importantly, customers looking to establish hybrid multi-cloud environments, running workloads in their private clouds and in multiple public clouds, need not establish costly and complex direct network links to each cloud operator. Yotta can just cross-connect their private clouds to DE-CIX Cloud port at Yotta NM1 data center, giving them a single hop, quick-to-deliver direct connectivity to multiple cloud providers.”

On this partnership, Sudhir Kunder, Country Director – India at DE-CIX India, says, “Interconnecting Data Center infrastructure has the potential to accelerate the country’s Internet growth. Data centers have evolved into the central storage hubs of India’s digital economy, and they are now omnipresent for platforms and applications. And central to the seamless functioning of these applications and delivery of content is interconnection, which is why IXs like DE-CIX which live in data centers, make themselves at home in highly interconnected data centers to nurture digital ecosystems there. Yotta NM1 and DE-CIX India have collaborated to make solutions more Reliable, Resilient, Fast, and Secure, which will immediately benefit enterprises, SMEs and ISPs at large.”

“We’re excited to be expanding and adding a new partner like Yotta. Our collaboration offers the market a new and ideal diverse solution, as well as a great place for both enterprises and ISPs to leverage connections to a leading carrier-neutral platform with the most cost-effective and efficient interconnection options available in the market” he added.


About Yotta 

Yotta Infrastructure, a Hiranandani group company is a new-age Managed Data Center provider, and we understand that data is at the core of our lives. Yes, we operate the largest data center parks in India, but we go well beyond that. Yotta empowers enterprises to host, manage, secure, compute, access, and analyze memories, decisions, ideas, entertainment, finances, communication, and much more!

Yotta caters to both wholesale and retail colocation markets. Besides hyper-scale Colocation solutions, Yotta also serves the vast Enterprise market – both domestic and international, which needs fully managed services and solutions. Hence, Yotta provides a complete range of Enterprise IT solutions to our customers under the Yotta Tech portfolio. The services under this portfolio include Yotta Cloud (various types of IaaS – compute, storage, network, PaaS, and industry-specific SaaS services), Private Cloud, Federated Cloud, IT Management, IT Security, Network and Connectivity including Inter-DC metro fiber network and AI / IoT enabled services & solutions.

About DE-CIX 

DE-CIX India is the Largest Internet Exchange in the country, focusing on providing Premium Interconnection Platform Services and Operating a wide range of Carrier and Data-Center Neutral Exchange, as well as Interconnecting a large number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Over The Top (OTT) players, DNS root servers, national and international Telco’s networks, and Social Media Networks in all major metropolitan areas.

DE-CIX India is powered by DE-CIX, operator of the World’s Largest Internet Exchange in Frankfurt (Germany), with 11 terabits per second of data throughput. DE-CIX India is a Data Center and Carrier Neutral Internet Exchange with a Nationwide Licence and the only Legally Compliant Service Provider in India. DE-CIX India operates four Internet Exchanges in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

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