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Press Release -- October 7th, 2021
Source: veea

Veea Awarded Edge Compute System Patent for Optimized Software Deployment Across a Distributed Edge Platform

Latest U.S. Patent Extends the Value of Previously Issued Patents with Efficient Management and Distribution of Software Containers across Edge Networks

New York, New York — October 7, 2021— Veea Inc., an innovation leader in integrated smart edge connectivity and computing, today announced it has been granted a U.S. patent for optimized orchestration, distribution, and management of containerized applications for edge computing, improving the efficiency of software application deployment and operations, especially across mesh networks at the edge. The invention provides for efficient implementation of software container technology, and the distribution of the container images for edge computing.

Edge networks are typically built on distributed computing architectures, in which many computing elements are placed in different physical locations to minimize the distance and latency between the endpoint devices and the edge nodes that support the required processing resources. This is of particular importance in use cases such as autonomous vehicle networks, telesurgery, Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Smart Grid, many AI-supported applications and others, especially in those cases where cloud-native applications must be supported at the network edge. However, because there is typically more than one processing node at the edge, the management and distribution of software applications to the selected nodes on the network must be done efficiently to achieve optimal performance.

This patent invention describes efficient central management of network services and applications running on the edge computing nodes supported by a “repository as a service” function across the network with software distribution methods, including Docker and Kubernetes. This capability is further extended over a mesh network created by a mix of wired and wireless connections, including Wi-Fi and/or cellular links (e.g., 4G or 5G), either through a central or a distributed peer-to-peer management and distribution method.

This U.S. patent builds upon a series of previously awarded patents granted to Veea covering a broad range of edge computing implementations and optimization including for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC).

Software containers are designed to isolate an application and its dependencies into a self-contained executable package of software that runs in a dedicated user space on the host system. A container runtime is responsible for pulling the container image from a registry, unpacking the container, and running the application. A containerized approach provides much greater flexibility for edge computing, but its deployment and management functions across a hybrid wired and wireless edge network need to be optimized. Also addressed in the patent is a unique method of traffic reduction, using a cost metric-based mesh network, that enhances reliability and resiliency of the mesh network that simultaneously supports an application and a service mesh for hybrid wired and wireless networks at scale.

“As an innovator in the edge computing space for the past seven years, we are constantly working on ways to highly simplify, or even make transparent, the edge network for the end-users by offering an elegant architecture,” said Allen Salmasi, CEO, Veea. “This patent illustrates our team’s dedication to improving the operational efficiency of a distributed edge computing network. Our solution architecture provides for highly secure and seamless orchestration, scaling, and management of edge computing systems that is widely accepted across the industry to varying degrees through unique implementations.”

One of the authors of this patent from Veea actively participated in, and made key contributions to, defining the software architecture for Multi-access Edge Computing through the ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG), which was reflected in ETSI White Paper No. 20. With the Veea Edge Platform’s integrated, comprehensive approach to edge computing and connectivity, multi-vendor integration challenges and system complexity are dramatically reduced, resulting in faster deployment, increased flexibility, and reduced costs.

More detailed information can be found on the website, by searching for patent 10,944,851. Authors of the patent include Mark Joseph Cannon and Neil Edgar.

About Veea, Inc.

Veea is redefining and simplifying secure edge computing that improves application responsiveness, reduces bandwidth costs, and eliminates central cloud dependency. VeeaHub® Smart Computing Hubs™ integrate a full range of connectivity options, application processing power, and a full security stack to form an elastic edge computing platform with a dynamic connectivity and application mesh that can easily be deployed and centrally managed from the cloud. Veea Edge Services run across this application mesh to deliver secure remote access, IoT/IIoT/AIoT, and a wide range of smart applications. These elements along with a range of groundbreaking vertical-specific applications comprise the Veea Edge Platform, serving the needs of organizations across Smart Buildings, Smart Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Construction, Smart Farming, Smart Retail, and other industry verticals. Veea’s Virtual Trusted Private Networking (vTPN™) solution, based on a unique and highly secure VPN technology and cloud-managed full-stack security services, makes it simple and affordable to securely connect for most smart vertical market applications including the remote and work-from-home workforce and branch offices. Veea was formed in 2014 and is headquartered in New York, NY, with its development activities primarily located in its engineering offices in Bath, UK, and Iselin, New Jersey, USA, along with sales and support offices located at multiple locations throughout the US, France, South Korea, and Brazil. Veea was named by Gartner as a 2021 Cool Vendor in Edge Computing. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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