RETN introduces Last Mile over IP (LMoIP): an in-house solution, aiming to offer a simple and efficient option for customers that want to improve their network operations and infrastructure, without compromising scalability for future. LMoIP is introduced at Capacity Europe, the leading European telecoms conference.

With RETN LMoIP customers have the option to leverage their existing Internet Access to interconnect with RETN Network Platform. Made possible by the installation of the RETN uCPE, this small hardware device is user installable and instantly provides access to the RETN network platform from the customer premises simply and securely. Customers can increase resiliency with backup options such as LTE/4G solutions, to provide assured business continuity.

LMoIP main features:

  • Zero Touch Configuration: service installation is simplified with no need of engineers on site. RETN will deliver the uCPE with simple instructions and, once connected to the transport(s) method, the device will download safely the service configuration;
  • Fast switchover on an Active/Backup topology: with this configuration, the failover is assured within seconds to allow business continuity;
  • IPv6 Support: full support on dual stack for IPv4 and IPv6;
  • Security: IP-Sec encryption ensures the safety of your data end-to-end;
  • Firewall Functions: stateful firewall functions are available on the uCPE.

Customers coming from a traditional, physical interconnection based solely on MPLS, will have experienced many limitations, like long delivery time, poor or non-existent flexibility for upgrades, lack of redundancy options amongst others. Most of these limitations happen due to local access circuits having multiple suppliers involved on a single: even if the customer is purchasing from, what seems to be a single provider, often there are two or more carriers involved.

LMoIP avoids these limitations. Resiliency and business continuity are assured when combined with additional services, such as LTE/4G or a traditional physical access service. LMoIP services can be installed in a matter of 1-2 working days with large cost savings over traditional physical access services, all the while providing full-service control and visibility. Last but not least LMoIP offers an easy way to connect to the extensive reach and connectivity of the RETN Network.

“The RETN team has invested heavily in this solution, we’ve been improving features, updated solutions according to the changing market needs and now are happy to launch it and after a year of field testing with some very happy customers, we are delighted to launch the product for general availability this week. This product provides a game changing way for new and existing enterprise customers to gain access to the superior RETN network service and support we are renowned for.” – commented Tony O’Sullivan, the CEO. “RETN’s extensive network coverage all over Europe and Asia and it’s control of underlying DWDM and IP/MPLS infrastructure allows RETN to achieve one of the fastest customer service delivery schedules in the market whilst ensuring the backbone network is constantly upgraded to accommodate increasing customer demand. Connected to the most important Internet Exchanges and Cloud Providers, RETN offers one of the most comprehensive connectivity solutions and constantly expands its product development to keep the pace of technology evolution and market drive. Now clients can enjoy benefits of our network by connecting to it with LMoIP”.

About RETN

RETN is one of the fastest growing independent Eurasian providers of IP transit and enterprise communications services, with unique resources to connect Europe and Asia. Distinctive features of RETN network are its own international fiber network – circa 800 points of presence and a network length of 120 447 km, running on recognised equipment vendors such as Infinera, Juniper and Ciena.

RETN’s unique solution to connect Europe and Asia is built on its own homogenous DWDM and IP/MPLS Network Platform and widely branched land routes, passing through Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan to the border with China and further onwards into South East Asia.

RETN provides telecommunication services throughout its Eurasian network with short lead times, industry leading uptimes, and multiple layers of redundancy for its 1500 customers.