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Press Release -- October 5th, 2021
Source: lumen

Lumen accelerating business innovation with VMware

October 5, 2021

The 4th Industrial Revolution is here, changing the way we live and work. Automated factories. Smart cities. Telemedicine. These interaction-intensive experiences require the orchestration of compute, network, storage, security and data resources, and these resources must move closer to the customer to deliver low latency, and intrinsically secure applications.

The ability to manage growing amounts of data is at the heart of what is driving the 4th Industrial Revolution. Lumen, with partners like VMware, provides solutions to help enterprises operate across diverse technology environments – from the data center to the cloud to the edge – so they can better acquire, analyze and act on essential data.

VMware and Lumen have a long-standing relationship and VMware continues to be a key part to how Lumen is driving its solutions strategy. Earlier this year, Lumen and VMware expanded their partnership and established a joint innovation lab to fast-track the design, development, and delivery of edge computing and more secure, work-from-anywhere solutions.

Solutions that support edge computing are emerging from efforts in the joint innovation lab. Edge computing can enable the enterprise to take advantage of emerging applications driving the 4th Industrial Revolution through bandwidth savings and improved response times by bringing computation and data storage closer to where it’s being used. Lumen and VMware are working together to grow edge computing capabilities using integrated VMware technologies like VMware Tanzu, to meet demand for very low latency applications.

Today, Lumen offers a managed infrastructure-as-a-service for Kubernetes in a dedicated private cloud environment. Customers can now build, run and manage Kubernetes container-based applications on premises and in more than 2,200 third-party data centers utilizing Lumen Edge Private Cloud with VMware Tanzu.

According to Lumen vice president of cloud edge product management Chris McReynolds, “Modernizing applications and infrastructure is challenging for many organizations. Our efforts are focused on making it easier for enterprises to deploy software and workloads faster with a modern supply chain that spans from development to operations. As more enterprises turn to containers to deploy applications, Lumen can bring to the table a Kubernetes-based solution to drive cloud-native applications in a low latency private cloud environment.”

Lumen can help enterprises and public sector IT organizations modernize existing applications to drive innovative digital experiences for customers; simplify multi-cloud operations; increase agility and data protection; and speed Kubernetes adoption. Developers are enabled with self-service access to resources that free them to build great apps and clear the path to production deployment. And operations teams have a control plane to help ensure security and control across diverse infrastructure environments.

As Lumen and VMware continue to co-innovate, customers will benefit tremendously from the combination of Lumen’s edge compute, network and IT services and VMware’s software to bring technology solutions closer to digital interactions.

At VMworld 2021, Lumen technology, sales and marketing experts will highlight ways in which the company is helping the enterprise accelerate business innovation across industries. Sessions will cover topics ranging from enabling the anywhere workforce to trends for security at the edge to change-making cloud and edge use cases.

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