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Press Release -- September 19th, 2021
Source: itential

Itential Delivers Dynamic Edge Enabled Applications for TM Forum Catalyst Project at Digital Transformation Series 2021

Partnering with DGIT Systems, Vodafone, IBM, & Cisco, Itential is enabling automated, dynamic architecture to deliver end-to-end service activation

ATLANTA, September 15, 2021 /PR Web/ — Itential®, the leader in network and cloud automation, today announced the details of its involvement in TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series taking place digitally from September 22 – October 14, 2021. Itential is participating in the TM Forum Catalyst project, “Dynamic Edge Enabled Applications,” in partnership with DGIT Systems, IBM, Cisco, and Vodafone. Each partner is providing their expertise and technology to reimagine and provide an automated, dynamic architecture for end-to-end service activation further enabling a dynamic customer experience.

TMF Catalyst projects are rapid-fire, proof-of-concept projects that develop innovative solutions to common challenges. Itential is tackling the challenge of improving real-time application support across a dispersed geographic area. In this project, the Itential Automation Platform is dynamically orchestrating edge compute and communication services to support real-time application demand within a multinational enterprise.

To help communications service providers (CSPs) deliver innovative multi-access edge computing (MEC) applications over 5G and fixed networks, the Catalyst proposes using SD-WAN as an alternative to a 3GPP network slice and offers a service catalog to manage SD-WAN service provisioning, edge compute orchestration, and partner-provided applications. This alternative approach allows the slice to extend across fixed networks, legacy networks and partner networks, and is easier for a CSP to monetize. The solution is network and cloud agnostic, and will provide a public cloud experience to application developers. Being agnostic to the network allows Itential to combine 5G, fixed, and partner networks together to effectively address this challenge.

“Itential’s Catalyst project takes a fundamentally different approach to digitizing the customer service order-to-activation journey through the adoption of dynamic architectural principles throughout a multi-domain fulfillment stack – from Self Management Portal to real-time Network Control,” said Morgan Stern, Vice President of Automation Strategy, Itential. “By partnering with other leaders in the networking industry, we have successfully developed an impactful, flexible solution for improving and automating the customer service experience.”

Network automation is the next wave of true digital transformation, and Itential is a key enabler for providing dynamic customer experience throughout this journey. Itential has deployed a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution using the Itential Automation Platform to deliver a Network Application Programming Interface (API) due to the product’s robust and easy to use integration capabilities. It provides the highest level of flexibility to integrate with any system and readily define complex service-chaining using simple component-based building blocks. Itential also allows users to integrate both through TMF API specifications as well any other type of APIs required.

DGIT Systems CEO Greg Tilton said, “This is an incredibly exciting project to be a part of, and we’re pleased to be working with Itential to bring such a cutting-edge solution to market. This will allow telcos, police, manufacturers, and gaming companies to improve their processes and save considerable time and money.”

For more information on Itential visit or to register for the TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series, click here.

About Itential

Itential is intelligent automation for network and cloud infrastructure. The Itential Automation Platform is a low-code, SaaS offering for rapid automation across physical, virtual, and hybrid, multi-cloud networks. Our vendor-agnostic solution seamlessly connects to any IT system, cloud, or network technology for end-to-end and closed-loop network automation and orchestration capabilities, enabling enterprise organizations the freedom to choose the right tools and best solutions for their needs. For more information and to get started with a free trial of the Itential Automation Platform, visit

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