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Press Release -- September 1st, 2021
Source: edgenex

EDGNEX Launches to Disrupt the Data Centre Market with New Speed and Agility

EDGNEX is proactively building, buying or partnering to develop the world’s next digital hubs.

Dubai, UAE, 30th August 2021 – EDGNEX, a global digital infrastructure provider, has launched to identify and invest in the next digital hubs and disrupt the local data centre market. Over the coming months, EDGNEX will be announcing acquisitions, building projects and partnerships focused on developing local data centre facilities in emerging or underserved markets globally. Its mission is to bring new speed and agility to the data centre market so that more local and regional economies, enterprises and end users can benefit from digital infrastructure.

With the backing of a multi-billion dollar Dubai conglomerate, EDGNEX will identify markets where new investment in digital infrastructure can have maximum impact on local economies, enterprises, and end users. Rather than taking the traditional ‘wait and see’ approach, EDGNEX is proactively building, buying, or partnering to serve the next wave of demand for data centre services.

“There is a tremendous opportunity in developing the next digital hubs and moving with greater speed and agility when developing local digital infrastructure. Rather than taking a traditional ‘wait and see’ approach, we proactively build, buy or partner to serve the next wave demand for data centre services. The market is moving too fast to take a traditional approach to data centre development,” said Thierry Leleu, Senior Vice President at EDGNEX. “We are committed to accelerating the development of data centre facilities in local markets globally. Where EDGNEX goes, others will follow.”

EDGNEX enables hyperscalers, cloud service providers, content companies, over the top (OTT) players and enterprises to rapidly scale-up presence in emerging digital hubs. It supports growing demand for optimised application performance and user experience while enabling organisations to meet regulatory compliance by keeping data in-country.

“While digital hubs have been established in key crossroads and interconnection points across the globe, it is the next digital hubs that have been underserved and overlooked that need digital infrastructure investment. Markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and CIS need new levels of data centre investment. They are experiencing booming demand driven by rapid digital transformation, accelerating digital economies, and growing internet users. Our goal is to provide a foundation for local innovation across the globe,” said Leleu.

EDGNEX will be posting updates on acquisitions, builds and partnerships at, and you can follow the company on LinkedIn.


EDGNEX is a global digital infrastructure company. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of a private investment company. EDGNEX is providing a foundation for local innovation across the globe and disrupting the data centre market with new speed and agility. It proactively builds, buys or partners to serve the next wave demand for data centre services. EDGNEX identifies markets where new investment in digital infrastructure can have maximum impact on local economies, enterprises and end users.

Where We Go, Others Follow.

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