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Press Release -- August 16th, 2021
Source: massive-networks

Massive Networks Lit Building Locator – Identify and order services to 18 million+ service Lit Buildings in Seconds

August 13, 2021 – Massive Networks has announced a free service that quickly identifies over 18 million fiber lit buildings in the US and Canada, and over 40 million buildings globally, where Massive can deliver its’ breakthrough OnePipe services. Determining if a property is fiber lit for services now takes seconds, saving hours or even days of research and effort.  Massive’s Lit Building Locator quickly determines a buildings network serviceability.  The locator returns fiber, ethernet, coax, fixed wireless, or other available network delivery methods available to the location in one quick response.  “This changes everything,” says Massive Networks President Kevin Flake. “Now enterprises and MSPs can simply visit our site, look up an address and within seconds, establish availability of services and get a quote” Flake added. Today’s fiber lit locator tool announcement is a part of a launch of Massive Networks OnePipe Multiconnect Solutions, where multiple network services (Blended-Internet, Private WAN, SD Wan, etc) are delivered securely over one fiber connection.  This improves security, manageability and quality while also typically reducing network costs.

Once a property is identified as a fiber lit building, Massive can then deploy its’ OnePipe Multiconnect Solution. OnePipe services include premium blended Internet, office-to-office connect, private network transport, data center connects, manage private networking and cloud connects.  Not to worry, if your building doesn’t have fiber yet, Massive can build or extend fiber to most any facility, just let us know where.

“Our free location service starts a conversation about what’s possible at a given address, within seconds,” says Flake.

“For one example. We are able to offer our customers one fiber connection, that provides a private connection to their cloud service (Office 365, Azure, AWS, Oracle and others), a dedicated multicarrier internet service, private office to office networks, and much more.  Meaning that you are going to see better responses to your cloud services, faster Internet access, less packet loss, less latency, an improvement in security and more than likely, a reduction in your network services bill” says Flake.

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