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Press Release -- July 1st, 2021
Source: AT&T

Commonwealth of Kentucky Advances Public Safety Capabilities

Commonwealth of Kentucky Advances Public Safety Capabilities with AT&T and RapidDeploy

Cloud-native Solutions Provide Real-time Situational Awareness for 9-1-1 Telecommunicators and Administrators to Better Serve Their Communities

What’s the news? The Kentucky 9-1-1 Services Board has selected AT&T* and RapidDeploy to adopt foundational Next Generation 9-1-1 (NextGen 9-1-1) compatible services to improve emergency communications throughout the state with advanced public safety services like accurate caller location, Text-From-911 communications, and real-time data to help dispatchers and first responders make decisions.

These cloud-native solutions provide secure and reliable connectivity for improved situational awareness and response time to help make Kentucky communities safer and stronger.

Why is this important? AT&T has long been committed to serving the public safety community in Kentucky. Since 2014, AT&T has been providing 9-1-1 suitable solutions, including call handling services, throughout the state. Providing modern technology that enables a faster emergency response and keeps communities safer is a priority for AT&T. The Kentucky 9-1-1 Services Board has adopted new technologies with RadiusPlus Mapping and Eclipse Analytics to improve their operations, including:

  • Accurate caller location, rich geographic information system (GIS) capabilities and real-time data feeds to accelerate emergency response.
  • Text-From-911 messaging with AI enabled real-time language translation and analysis.
  • Identify wireless caller details in the unlikely event of a 9-1-1 outage to capture details such as their identity, phone number, and location, and allow the call-taker to communicate with the caller through two-way texting even when the voice call cannot be completed.
  • Real-time data insights that helps 9-1-1 communication centers and administrators leverage data to measure performance, gain actionable insights, solve problems, and make better decisions.

To learn more about Radius Plus Mapping, Eclipse Analytics and other solutions offered by AT&T and RapidDeploy, visit or

What are people saying?

Josiah Keats, Chair, Kentucky 9-1-1 Services Board

“The ultimate goal of NextGen 9-1-1 is to increase caller location accuracy and reduce response time when a citizen of the commonwealth needs emergency services—which will ultimately save lives. These products, which will be offered at no cost to all certified 9-1-1 call centers in Kentucky, will lay a solid foundation for statewide Next Generation 9-1-1 deployment.”

Stacy Schwartz, Vice President, Public Safety, FirstNet & Education, AT&T

“AT&T is committed to helping create safer communities throughout the state of Kentucky and equipping them with the right 9-1-1 technologies to help keep their citizens safe. In an emergency, every second counts and we are proud to bring the Commonwealth of Kentucky these advanced services to improve the call experience and help 9-1-1 call centers be more responsive in an emergency.”

Steve Raucher, CEO, RapidDeploy

“We are excited to have Kentucky adopt our products into their 9-1-1 centers. Our work with AT&T has really expanded the realm of the possible for what RapidDeploy can do for 9-1-1 centers across the country, and Kentucky is no exception. The RadiusPlus Mapping and Eclipse Analytics ‘NG9-1-1 bundle’ that allows states to accelerate the digital transformation of 9-1-1. We are excited to welcome Kentucky to our growing list of statewide clients who embrace future-proof cloud-native solutions.”

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