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Press Release -- July 28th, 2021
Source: Colt Group

Colt is furthering its presence in the Iberian peninsula to support businesses both locally and globally

Through this expansion, Colt is supporting the peninsula on its way to becoming a connectivity crossroads between America, Asia, Africa and Europe

 Madrid, Spain, 28 July 2021 – Colt Technology Services has announced that it has increased its coverage in the Iberian Peninsula, to accelerate customers’ digital transformation in the region through agile and on-demand, high bandwidth solutions. This expansion further extends Colt’s global footprint in the region, which sees 600 km of additional fibre between Madrid and Toulouse across the Pyrenees. This additional network connects Paris in the North and Marseilles in the East with a new route to the Iberian Peninsula.

By connecting the Spanish capital to the fourth-largest city in France, Colt reinforces the repositioning of the Iberian Peninsula as a key European hub between America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Through multiple submarine cable projects of different enterprises, it will enable the peninsula to position itself as an access point to the whole of Europe.

Network services are part of the daily businesses. There are various technologies which keep those services running and an essential one is submarine cables connecting continents and countries to each other and carry 99% of the global traffic. In recent years, submarine cable networks from America and Asia have been anchored in different parts of Europe. The Iberian peninsula has become an essential enclave for diversifying connectivity to avoid saturation. With a strategic geographical position, the peninsula enables Cable Landing Stations (CLS) to be easily connected to the rest of Europe, reducing latency.

Colt continues to invest in its Colt IQ Network, further densifying its offering globally, which spans more than 29,000 on net buildings and over 900 data centres. This important investment in the region makes sure that Colt is capable of providing connectivity across Europe with network services that other operators do not have and without disruption at borders. This expansion builds upon the existing metro connectivity in Spain and in Portugal and aligns with Colt’s overarching strategy of enabling high bandwidths and dark fibre. This means global, agile and high bandwidth connectivity solutions. It will also ensure a better ability for the region to connect with the rest of the world.

Joan Monraba, Country Manager, Colt Technology Services Spain said: “The peninsula continues to be an increasingly important region for Colt and our customers, so now is the perfect time for us to be expanding our presence further. As global bandwidth demands continue to explode, and more and more enterprises rely on infrastructure hosted in the cloud, organisations are constantly looking for diversity when it comes to connectivity. This expansion is part of Colt’s wider expansion strategy, which aims to help customers across Europe, Asia and North America through the power of connectivity. ”

The Iberian peninsula’s is one of the fastest-growing business ecosystems in Europe. The expansion in this region is part of Colt’s wider growth strategy, aiming to help customers across Europe, Asia and North America through on-demand and high bandwidth solutions. In 2018, Colt tripled its presence in Spain, adding 22 new provinces to its local reach in the country.

Please read our dedicated blog to find out more about this expansion in the Iberian Peninsula:

About Colt

 Colt strives to transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity, taking what’s always been in its DNA to enable customers’ success. The Colt IQ Network connects more than 900+ data centres and over 29,000 on net buildings across Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs.

Colt understands today’s shifting connectivity requirements and provides agile, on-demand and secure high bandwidth networking and voice solutions to ensure enterprises can thrive. Customers include data-intensive organisations spanning over 210 cities in more than 30 countries. Colt is a recognised innovator and pioneer in Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV). Privately owned, Colt is one of the most financially sound companies in the sector, and because of this, it’s able to put its customers’ needs at its core. For more information, please visit

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