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Press Release -- July 22nd, 2021
Source: Huawei

China Unicom Beijing and Huawei Launch World-First Thousand-Site 5G Super Uplink Network, Facilitating High-Quality 5G Network Development with 5G Capital

[China, Beijing, July 22, 2021] China Unicom Beijing and Huawei jointly deployed Super Uplink at more than 1,000 commercial sites in Beijing as part of their joint 5G Capital project established in April 2020. It is the first thousand-site 5G network of its kind, with ubiquitous, high-quality traits that make its construction a major achievement for the two parties, and a big step towards the adoption of Super Uplink as a commercial solution.

China Unicom Beijing tested 5G Super Uplink on its commercial networks in 2020. It then went on to deploy the technology at a smaller scale in May 2021. The results show great improvements in network performance, with an increase of 10% to 40% in the overall uplink rate of Super Uplink users and a three-fold increase in the uplink rate of cell edge users. To give more of its users access to such network capabilities and improve the uplink experience across its network, China Unicom Beijing deployed 5G Super Uplink networks in multiple high-density areas, over more than 1,000 sites, across five days in July 2021.

5G Super Uplink was a core innovative step in the 5G Capital project, and is projected to help China Unicom Beijing build high-quality 5G networks. 5G Super Uplink significantly improves uplink capabilities by using TDD 3.5 GHz and FDD 2.1 GHz coordination, high- and low-band complementation, time- and frequency-domain aggregation, and millisecond-level resource scheduling, meeting the high requirements of services such as short video upload and HD live broadcast.

Fan Liqun, head of China Unicom Beijing’s 5G co-construction and sharing work team, said, “To prepare for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the networks in each venue must be able to deliver ultimate experiences that stay consistent weather indoors or outdoors. 5G Super Uplink is up to this task, and its large-scale commercial deployment at 1,000 of our sites is another major innovation milestone of the 5G Capital project. China Unicom Beijing will continue to innovate together with Huawei and apply good 5G technologies on commercial networks to better serve our customers and improve their experience.”

The development of the live broadcast market is being fast tracked, bringing with it the heft of a new industry with streamlined production, distribution, commerce, and supply chain. These benefits, however, require more uplink user connections, higher rates, and lower latency. Super Uplink enhances edge coverage to enable outdoor live broadcast anywhere, and increases cell capacity to support HD live broadcast sharing of big events such as sports matches and concerts. China Unicom Beijing’s deployment of Super Uplink at over 1,000 sites is a much-needed boost for the live broadcast market and the future availability of live broadcasts everywhere.

Ma Hongbo, President of Huawei’s SingleRAN Product Line, said, “TDD+FDD networking will find its way into networks globally, and 5G Super Uplink is a key example, showing that collaboration between TDD and FDD is key to the development of higher quality 5G networks. Huawei is happy to have helped China Unicom Beijing deploy Super Uplink at such a scale, in over a thousand sites, and will further support China Unicom Beijing in its vision to continuously build high-quality 5G networks. These networks will act as benchmarks for all operators looking to develop 5G.”

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