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Press Release -- June 9th, 2021
Source: njfx

Windstream Wholesale Boosts Bandwidth Capabilities with Point-of-Presence at NJFX

Unique Colocation CLS Campus Enables Windstream’s ‘Fast and Flexible’ Offerings

Bandwidth is crucial for live online interactions that are more prevalent today than ever. Windstream Wholesale is making sure that its network can serve those increasing bandwidth needs in several ways. In this customer spotlight, NJFX would like to highlight the long-standing relationship between Windstream Wholesale and NJFX.

More Americans spent the last year at home and online, than any other time in history. There has never been a greater demand for bandwidth allowing high-speed and high capacity connectivity. Windstream Wholesale is prepared to meet and exceed those expectations. Gaming, streaming services and remote education are just a few of the online activities that require speeds that allow users to experience these platforms in real time.

Three main pillars mark Windstream Wholesale’s superior offerings: optical technology leadership, flexible partnerships and network expansion. Windstream Wholesale has been at the forefront of connecting strategic Tier 1, 2 and 3 markets across the U.S. with its new Intelligent Converged Optical Network. By partnering with innovative companies such as NJFX, Windstream can further increase capabilities. And by expanding its network, Windstream solidifies its reach across its nationwide network.

“The NJFX ecosystem truly helps to enable more capacity, more routes and move diversity for our customers,” states Joe Scattareggia, Executive Vice President of Windstream Wholesale. “As NJFX continues to build out this already vast ecosystem and provide networks like Windstream access to those subsea routes, we can pass those numerous, resilient and reliable connectivity options on to our customers. And we can do this in a very fast and flexible way. Our customers are amazed at our speed to market capabilities.”

For its part, NJFX provides multiple routes without multiple hops, which helps eliminate points of failure and keeps high-speed traffic flowing. NJFX also allows for alternate routes in case of any contingency in congested or legacy areas.

“As we see an increase on the importance of secure routes, we are able to offer diversity to our partners. If a legacy connection hub like New York City is compromised, NJFX can enable internet traffic to continue uninterrupted via our diverse ecosystem,” comments NJFX General Manager, Felix Seda. “That includes terrestrial and an ever-growing subsea cable network.”

“At Windstream, we value our partnerships. We want to take the time to build that trust and credibility. We nurture our customers long term, not just at the outset of our relationship. We feel that way about our providers as well. We appreciate the partnership between NJFX and Windstream Wholesale,” continued Scattareggia.

To learn more about Windstream Wholesale, visit the company website here.

Hear more from Gil Santaliz, NJFX CEO and Windstream’s Joe Scattareggia on the Connect the Dots podcast HERE.

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