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Press Release -- June 10th, 2021
Source: Calix Networks, de-lightspeed

DE Lightspeed and Calix Quickly Open a World of Opportunity for Underserved Mississippi Residents, Exceeding Managed Wi-Fi Adoption Goal by 20 Percent

Delta Electric Power Association subsidiary invests in some of the nation’s most underserved areas to deliver world-class broadband connectivity and cutting-edge services with Calix Intelligent Access EDGE and Revenue EDGE

Calix, Inc. (NYSE:CALX, news, filings) today announced that DE Lightspeed, a subsidiary of rural electric cooperative Delta Electric Power Association (Delta Electric) in Mississippi, is leveling the broadband playing field for residents of some of the country’s most underserved and economically challenged areas by delivering world-class, managed Wi-Fi services with Revenue EDGE. Powered by the industry-leading performance and speed of the Wi-Fi 6 certified GigaSpire® BLAST systems, the company’s branded CommandIQ® mobile app—DELightSpeed—and value-added EDGE Suites, the broadband service provider (BSP) has exceeded anticipated adoption rates by 20 percent in just eight months. Excited subscribers in previously underserved areas can now connect—some for the first time—to fast, reliable, and affordable fiber internet services delivered quickly and cost-effectively over a simplified network powered by the Intelligent Access EDGE.

According to an April 2021 report by Broadband Now, Mississippi ranks in the bottom 20 percent for U.S. states with broadband access. In 2019, Mississippi granted authority to electric cooperatives to enter the broadband market and deliver services via a subsidiary to help bridge the digital divide. As a result, Delta Electric established DE Lightspeed and received funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for a pilot project to deploy fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure to select rural areas of the state in desperate need of reliable, high-speed connectivity. The BSP began construction of a 416-mile fiber broadband network in late August of last year and, when completed just three months later, connected its first member nearly instantaneously thanks to the Calix Network Innovation Platform (AXOS®), the foundation for Intelligent Access EDGE that enables BSPs of all types and sizes to deliver Always On broadband connectivity as well as turn up and provision services quickly and easily.

Following the successful pilot project, DE Lightspeed received additional funding from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) to continue building its FTTH infrastructure to cover the rest of its 13-county, 4,500 square mile coverage area over the next decade. As it expands, the BSP is reaching even more members with its exceptional managed Wi-Fi service offerings, enabled by the Revenue EDGE portfolio. Of the members who are using the DELightspeed mobile app alongside their GigaSpire BLAST systems to manage their connected home experience, 55 percent are tapping the value-added services of EDGE Suites applications ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ, resulting in added visibility, security, and parental control across all connected devices in the home.

DE Lightspeed is bringing parity to a region that previously lacked consistent broadband coverage let alone a cutting-edge fiber broadband network and services. The new infrastructure and first-rate managed Wi-Fi offerings—which rival and even exceed those available in some of the country’s major metropolitan areas—will enable members to access critical job search and skill development resources, work- and learn-from-home opportunities, and advanced healthcare services that will reduce existing inequities and spur economic development.

“The areas we are servicing truly represent ground zero for many of our neediest populations, who now have an opportunity to improve their quality of life simply by having access to essential services that so many others take for granted,” said David O’Bryan, general manager of Delta Electric Power Association. “Calix enables us to deliver a blazing-fast network and managed Wi-Fi offerings that are game-changing for our membership and will go a long way towards bridging the broadband gap. We have been thrilled with the results so far—from the ability to quickly and efficiently turn up services for new members, to having a reliable, high-performing fiber network that enables us to deliver world-class services that excite our members, simplify our business, and grow our value—as well as the value of the communities we serve.”

DE Lightspeed’s fully managed, leading Wi-Fi services will be a key differentiator for the company as it aims to reach 11,000 new locations over the next five years—encroaching on traditional cable providers’ territory. Calix Marketing Cloud, another Revenue EDGE solution, will enable the BSP to compete more effectively with the incumbents by leveraging contextual, behavioral data to create relevant and targeted campaigns that excite subscribers and increase acquisition rates. Coupled with the industry expertise of the EDGE Enablement success teams, DE Lightspeed is well positioned to grow its value for years to come.

“DE Lightspeed has brought the future to rural Mississippi with a world-class Calix fiber broadband network and Revenue Edge Wi-Fi 6 based services that will open a world of opportunity for their members,” said Michael Weening, president and chief operating officer of Calix. “The deep insights and capabilities of the Revenue EDGE solution provide countless ways to excite members with the industry’s best Wi-Fi, flawlessly delivered experiences via the tight integration of CommandIQ and Support Cloud, and behavioral data from Marketing Cloud to generate targeted and relevant offerings as it expands its footprint. DE Lightspeed now has the digital foundation in place to leverage cloud-based offerings that provide ground-breaking, cost-efficient services within its service territory and beyond, exciting members and acquiring new members that will grow its value for many decades.”

Learn more about the Intelligent Access EDGE, the Revenue EDGE, and other Calix solutions for electric cooperatives, and view a replay of our recent webinar “Bring New Features to Subscribers In Record Time.”

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