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Press Release -- May 11th, 2021
Source: stateless

Stateless Unveils Automated Cloud Connection Services for the Enterprise, with Integrated Data Infrastructure and Network Functionality

Innovative Solution Provides Complete Cloud Data Transport with Integrated Network Functionality for Significant Operational Efficiency

May 11, 2021–BOULDER, Colo.– Stateless, Inc., the company putting data back in motion, today announced the launch of its on-demand Cloud Connect as a Service, building complete end-to-end multi hybrid cloud connections with a single workflow. Stateless’ Cloud Connect as a Service uses Stateless’ software and works with cloud and network provider APIs to connect different data platforms such as Snowflake and Databricks and virtual compute across different clouds such as AWS and Azure. It seamlessly couples data infrastructure and networking to connect to multiple hybrid clouds, data centers and edge/remote locations with encrypted, secure connections in minutes – delivering operational speed, efficiency and agility.

“As enterprises embrace multi-cloud approaches, the data pipeline is often a monumental roadblock that places the configuration of remote data centers and multi-cloud patchworks beyond the capabilities of most enterprise customers,” said Murad Kablan, Stateless CEO. “Stateless Cloud Connect as a Service makes it possible for cloud network architects and DevOps to eliminate the complexity and drastically lowers the cost of connecting users, sites, data platforms, and clouds.”

Cloud Connect as a Service eliminates the network barriers to data initiatives by providing a self-service and end-to-end network creation and configuration, including the set-up of direct cloud connectivity and configurations of all required networking protocols as well as the last mile of connecting the network to data lakes and warehouses. It utilizes intelligent software and APIs to make reaching cloud endpoints easy, giving businesses end-to-end visibility and the agility to expand network capacity and grow without lock-in.

“With the growing adoption of the cloud, enterprises are realizing that hybrid environments drive new networking requirements, such as non-disruptive elastic scaling and a simple yet robust means of automating configuration changes,” said Brad Casemore, Research VP, Datacenter and Multicloud Networks at IDC. “Responding to these requirements, Stateless’ new Cloud Connect as a Service offers partners and customers a means of enabling CIOs, data engineers, network engineers, and DevOps professionals to turn up or down cloud connections without incurring the cost and complexity associated with adding incremental hardware.”

With an approach that couples data infrastructure and networking and bundles together transport, network functions and automation, Stateless abstracts the process of automating BGP, NAT, firewalling and encryption in an intelligent network configuration, virtually eliminating the network as a barrier to data science.

Stateless Cloud Connect as a Service:

– Creates connections to the cloud without requiring networking experience or network certifications.

– Requires no additional hardware as customers can reach the Stateless Cloud Connect as a Service gateway from existing SD-WAN implementations.

– Enables DevOps teams to test and prototype projects quickly by turning up/down cloud connections as needed.

– Connect to data platforms such as Snowflake and Databricks in a single workflow
Cuts data egress costs by as much as 65 percent by using internet access to connect private cloud ports.

– Allows users to operationalize network costs and have zero incremental capital expenses.

Stateless Cloud Connect as a Service is available in May 2021 through Stateless and Stateless partners. Cloud Connect as a Service starts at $400/month and includes the Stateless software plus everything needed to create connections, including BGP routing, encryption and more for one (1) network, automation of the complete setup process, complete network, including transport to the cloud, access to two endpoints – ingress and egress (i.e., Internet to AWS). Additional fees apply for additional connections and/or endpoints.

For a limited time, new users may try Cloud Connect as a Service for free by visiting

About Stateless
Stateless is software that puts data back in motion. The hybrid, multi-cloud data ecosystem has exploded. Data has become scattered and siloed and now is anywhere but where it needs to be. Your data infrastructure needs a new network. We free you to move data without sacrificing visibility, security, or control. Because we separate state from function, Stateless makes it possible for applications to talk to the network and for the network to talk right back. Easily replicate network configurations across users and endpoints, transition to network automation, and drive better data pipeline observability. Unlock a new level of network segmentation based on data taps and not just users or tenants. Stateless. Data in motion. Stateless is proudly based in Boulder, Colorado. Learn more at

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