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Press Release -- May 19th, 2021
Source: nfinet

NFINET Deploys Revolutionary Direct-to-Home Fiber Optic Internet Service

Technology Will Disrupt Internet Service with True High-Speed Bandwidth that Aligns Results with Customer Satisfaction at a Fraction of the Cost

May 19, 2021 – South Bend, IN – NFINET, an innovative fiber optic technology company,
announced the deployment of a new way for homeowners to access, pay for, and receive true
high-speed internet service without the throttled speeds, capped data, or poor customer
service currently delivered by the industry. NFINET’s internet connection boasts verifiable
symmetric 1Gb speeds directly to homes via a dedicated fiber optic strand directly to the
property. What is more, NFINET’s customer support prides itself on friendly and thorough

NFINET is currently deploying its technology in Granger, IN for the Hills at St. Joe Farm
development. Unlike traditional internet service that is shared by entire neighborhoods from
the same line, NFINET’s technology is designed so the homeowner owns and controls their own
distinctive, dedicated strand of fiber without sharing bandwidth.

“NFINET is founded on the belief that networks and customers aren’t yet aligned. A monthly
repayment model discourages new investments and can create antagonistic sales relationships.
NFINET can provide the highest quality customer service on top of the region’s fastest
residential bandwidth because we build networks from scratch alongside our homeowner
customers,” said Charles Florance, operations officer. “What is more, the homeowner is in complete control of their bandwidth—meaning no caps or throttling. The customer pays a one-
time fee up front for the lifetime of the product and never pays anything again.”

This new internet service delivery model changes the way the service is paid for—and for how
long. The fee for the fiber internet connection is paid upfront by the homeowner, thereby
eliminating the often-fluctuating monthly internet bill. The one-time payment covers years of
fee-free Gigabit internet service, all necessary equipment, and installation of the fiber cable
connection to the home. NFINET is able to guarantee the lifetime of these installations in part
because of the superior engineering quality delivered by Hexatronic, its supply partner.
“Fiber installations with Hexatronic products are engineered to last decades, and we fully
warranty our complete end-to-end passive optical systems,” said Mark Turner of Hexatronic.
“The microconduit architecture NFINET is using makes point-to-point dedicated fiber
connections so much more feasible.”

Own your Internet. Contact us if we can be of service.
(574) 931-0034 •

The current internet service model shares bandwidth, so it slows the network down during
peak usage and caps and tracks all user data. NFINET’s point-to-point network does not do that.
The home’s dedicated fiber connects directly to the active electronics source and the optical
signal is not split between multiple homes. NFINET is focused on the customer, and its unique
system design is evidence of that philosophy. This model means the customer receives the
newest technology in an honest, reliable, and superior way.

When connected with NFINET, each home is provided a Broadband Gateway unit made by
EntryPoint Networks, the outfit behind the award-winning Ammon, Idaho network model.
“We’re excited to partner with NFINET to bring a new kind of broadband network to Northern
Indiana,” said Jeff Christensen, EntryPoint’s chief executive officer. “NFINET’s decision to deploy
Automated Open Access networks gives customers a real choice in an industry where true
competition is almost non-existent.”

The Gateway is equipped with four ethernet ports, two USB ports, and two small form-factor
pluggable ports. The processing power of the Gateway unit means faster speeds, low latency,
and an optimized user experience.

“In 2020, U.S. households had 30 percent more bandwidth usage than they did in 2019,”
explained Ben Miller, chief technology officer of NFINET. “This need for increased bandwidth is
primed to increase, which means the network infrastructure must be fast out of the gate, and it
must be both scalable and upgradeable as the need for data usage and management continues
to grow. This is where NFINET’s technology and services shine.”

NFINET’s services and Gateway unit allow for quick and easy upgrades as demand increases
because the supporting technology infrastructure is already there on day one. The transmission
lines are paid for and the network is already up.

“We designed NFINET to stay ahead of the data appetite, and our agile, modular technology
partners are a key differentiator in that mission,” says Miller.
Irish Realty and The Village Development, LLC are partnering to bring NFINET connections to
the new Hills at St. Joe Farms housing development. This project is a perfect showcase for the
region’s highest-speed internet service and how it can be deployed in 21st-century communities.

“The Hills is the first major development in Granger with its own sewer and water utilities,” said
JP Weiglos of The Village. “Modern homebuyers want the kind of convenience and reliability
that comes with forward-thinking infrastructure. NFINET delivers that with its distinctive
internet service, so it was a perfect collaboration.”

Own your Internet. Contact us if we can be of service.
(574) 931-0034 •

New residents of the Hills can enjoy 30 years of fee-free service with their NFINET purchase.
NFINET plans to offer 20-year and 5-year service agreements to other areas.
A notable aspect of NFINET’s technology is its inherent security. The physical infrastructure of
the connection makes the signal nearly impossible to intercept or tamper with. That leads to
enhanced privacy for its users and prevents prioritizing other data ahead of the user. The
network is designed to allow for specific virtual private connections that meet strict personal
privacy, as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the
Federal Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) requirements. This adds further value and peace
of mind to a community as it explores new ways to use its improved connections.


Founded in 2021, NFINET is a South Bend, IN-based fiber optic technology company. NFINET
provides homeowners with an actively managed, direct-to-home, dedicated fiber strand
internet connection. The technology becomes an asset to the home and adds value. NFINET
gives residents the fastest and most reliable bandwidth speeds, aligns its results with customer
satisfaction, and offers all of this for a fraction of the cost of other providers. To learn more,
please visit
Media Contact
Marc Raybin
Cardinal Communications Strategies

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