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Press Release -- April 14th, 2021
Source: axon-networks

Introducing AXON Networks – dedicated to helping internet service providers innovate faster, strengthen their brands, and deliver a total networking experience

Former Greenwave Systems business unit secures $27M in funding, will empower global companies to innovate quickly, scale to any size, and future proof their business strategies

Irvine CA, Copenhagen, and Singapore – April 13, 2021AXON Networks, a former business unit of Greenwave Systems, has spun off from its parent company to form a new entity that will focus on helping internet service providers evolve from their traditional role as service providers to truly customer-first companies that deliver the best Quality of Service and Experience. AXON Networks is founded by Martin Manniche, founder and CEO of Greenwave Systems, who will also take on the role of CEO of AXON Networks, and Rick Clemmer, former CEO of NXP Semiconductors, who will be executive chairman of the board.

The new company also announced it has secured $27M in funding from several high-profile investors from the technology and venture capital sectors. This funding will support the launch of the company, the continued development and expansion of its product and technology portfolios, and future growth and acquisitions.

AXON Networks delivers a robust AI-driven, analytics-based orchestration platform and a wide portfolio of next-gen high-speed routers that leverage the newest Wi-Fi technologies. Together, these technologies give ISPs the ability to manage and troubleshoot their networks in real time, and to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

AXON Networks is a trusted strategic partner for its customers, helping them evaluate their current technologies and business models, and creating and executing strategies that enable them to innovate faster, accelerate their digital transformations, and strengthen their relationships with consumers.

“Today’s consumers’ work lives and personal lives continue to merge, especially in the last year,” said AXON Networks’ CEO Martin Manniche. “Consumer demand for higher broadband speeds, better Wi-Fi connections, and overall higher Quality of Service have challenged ISPs to meet those demands with technologies alone. Brands that hope to continue to gain market share will also need to focus on strengthening and evolving their business models to deliver a total networking experience for their customers. AXON Networks is uniquely positioned to guide today’s ISPs on that path to being a customer-first company.”

Total Experience Approach

“AXON Networks was formed to challenge the current norms about service quality and customer experience for internet service providers,” said AXON Networks CEO of Europe and CCO, Tomas Sørensen Boye. “For the last few years, the ISP brands have fallen from the top of the highly valuable brands lists, and the total consumer experience they provide has everything to do with that. AXON Networks’ approach is to work in partnership with these brands to examine all aspects of their business and service delivery models, and to help them devise strategies that will set them apart from their competitors and exceed the expectations of their customers.”

That new way of thinking extends from the ways ISPs design and manage their networks all the way to the equipment that goes into customers’ homes.

“For example, consider how important design is for consumers today,” Tomas said. “It’s critical that our clients can deliver equipment to end-user homes that not only deliver outstanding performance, but also have a design factor that consumers find appealing, if not a ‘wow’ factor. That’s the type of customer-first thinking we want to instill with our clients to set them apart from the rest of their industry.”

Proven technology solutions

AXON Networks has a broad portfolio of proven hardware and software solutions that can form the basis of an ISP’s digital transformations and power the solutions they provide to their customers. Those solutions include high-speed routers that operate over DSL, fiber, and 4G and 5G networks via the company’s vEDGE technology. Prior to the launch of AXON Networks, the company’s leadership and development teams deployed more than 200 million routers to industry giants like Verizon and CenturyLink. AXON Networks expects to ship millions of routers to its growing list of customers in 2021.

In addition to its router portfolio, AXON Networks offers bonded DSL solutions, end-to-end management of wireless last mile connectivity, and an AI-driven orchestration platform designed to give ISPs real-time visibility of all their clients’ network quality. When combined with AXON’s analytics module, the orchestration platform will also allow for self-healing of the network, resulting in better Quality of Experience and fewer support calls.

Investors signal confidence in AXON vision, strategy

By committing more than $27M to the company, AXON Networks’ investors have expressed their confidence in the new company’s vision and strategy to transform its customers’ businesses and to continue to expand its portfolio of advanced products and technologies.

“AXON Networks’ ambition is to continue development of our own network technology, software and management platforms, while levering strong customer success and constantly looking for potential acquisitions to further increase and improve our offerings,” said key investor and executive chairman of the board Rick Clemmer. “The funding our investors have provided will enable us to build on our product technology leadership with the business model we’ve created and to continue to grow our customer engagement as we put our strategies into action.”

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About AXON Networks

AXON Networks has raised the bar for broadband connectivity, delivering a suite of products and solutions that help ISPs transform their businesses and deliver a robust quality of experience to their customers. Spun out of Greenwave Systems, AXON Networks partners with ISPs to help evaluate their technologies and business models, and devise strategies that will help them grow their customer base, reduce customer churn, increase ARPU, lower demand for support calls, and eliminate truck rolls. The AXON Networks team has built services platforms for some of America’s largest ISPs and has shipped several hundred million routers and other networking technology to customers nationwide. AXON Networks is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices in Copenhagen and Singapore. For more information, visit

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