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Press Release -- April 27th, 2021
Source: Orange Business

Agdatahub, Orange Business Services and SUEZ form agri-environmental-focused collaboration agreement

Responding to environmental challenges in the agriculture sector, Agdatahub, Orange Business Services and SUEZ are combining their technological and digital expertise to support the digital transformation of agricultural industries.

Agdatahub, an operator of agricultural data exchange and consent platforms; Orange Business Services, a global network-native digital services company, and SUEZ, a major player in environmental services, are joining forces to co-construct solutions that accelerate the digital and environmental transformation of the agricultural sector.

The three companies intend to develop technologies that will enable farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector, as well as local authorities, to access innovative, environmentally focused solutions based on technologies and connected objects, supporting carbon capture and measurement, water quality or gas emissions in livestock farming. These solutions will allow them to benefit from programs, such as Payments for Environmental Services, which remunerate practices that protect the environment. The partners are committed to proposing these solutions to further their corporate initiatives and industrialize their development with industry players.

Strengthening French and European food and digital sovereignty
This agreement comes at a time when the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) should have three environmental objectives: to act against climate change, to protect natural resources, and to preserve landscapes and biodiversity, in line with the European Green Deal. It also responds to the need to strengthen French and European food and digital sovereignty, as highlighted by the current pandemic. This partnership will bring a common vision at the European level within the Agriculture and Environment data spaces, and the GAIA-X ecosystem, in which Orange Business Services is a founding member and Agdatahub is a Day-One Member.

“Farmers are the first to be concerned by the preservation of natural resources. Coming from the agricultural sector, Agdatahub wants to secure the use of farmers’ and industry data for the benefit of more sustainable practices through its consent and data exchange platform. This partnership with Orange Business Services and SUEZ will enable us to accelerate and increase the number of use cases in the environmental field,” says Sébastien Windsor, president of Agdatahub.

“We are committed to creating a positive impact in the agricultural sector by supporting the transformation of industry players and regions in their ecological transition toward an increasingly responsible economy. By joining forces with Agdatahub and SUEZ, we will accompany the agricultural sector, addressing their needs, by leveraging critical data and new technologies to accelerate their environmental transformation,” said Pierre-Louis Biaggi, senior vice president, Digital and Data, Orange Business Services.

“Faced with the many challenges that will shape the future of agriculture, the SUEZ Group is innovating to provide the agricultural sector with global and integrated solutions that will enable them to better manage resources. By combining our expertise with Agdatahub and Orange Business Services, we will contribute, together, to strengthening and accelerating the agro-environmental transition of farmers”, said Diane Galbe, executive vice president of SUEZ in charge of strategy and the global Smart & Environmental Solutions Business Unit.

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