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Press Release -- March 30th, 2021

Bandwidth delivers 911 capabilities to more than 20 million enterprise users

As part of our on-going growth, we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached a milestone: 20 million 911 endpoints being managed by Bandwidth in the U.S. and Canada. This achievement was driven in no small part by new regulations that were passed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but came into effect over the last year, including Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act.

The popularity and availability of unified communications platforms like Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams has enabled users to work and communicate from anywhere. While this was great for workers by removing the need to be tied to a desk to work, it created another layer of complexity to locating them during a 911 call.

Prior to COVID-19 forcing most of us to work remotely, the FCC set out new regulations that required enterprises to provide a civic address plus additional information such as suite, floor, and room to create a dispatchable location at the time of a 911 call to make it easier to locate callers. Solving this challenge for workers that are often moving around a corporate network in addition to moving between work and home requires advanced emergency services capabilities, such as Bandwidth’s E911 Dynamic Location Routing solution.

E911 Dynamic Location Routing from Bandwidth

With increased endpoint management and new regulations comes an increased need for Bandwidth’s innovative E911 Dynamic Location Routing solution for helping enterprises create and send a dispatchable location at the time of a 911 call. Our solution helps enterprises determine a caller’s location at the time of a 911 call and uses that information to route the call to the appropriate public safety answering point and display the necessary information.

“The 911 endpoints registered on our network represent the lives and livelihood of millions of individuals within both businesses and communities that need fast, reliable access to emergency assistance,” said Nick Sgroi, Senior Vice President of Product and Network Strategy at Bandwidth. “In particular, our ability to help enterprises meet RAY BAUM’s Act requirements for popular softphone applications like Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams has been a key driver for our emergency services growth in the past year. Bandwidth is helping CIOs answer an urgent and complicated question: how do we protect the safety of our employees while meeting regulatory compliance needs?”

And now, with Bandwidth’s acquisition of Voxbone, we’re extending our emergency services to over 30 additional countries outside of the U.S. and Canada. That, coupled with being one of only two providers to support the native dynamic E911 feature within Microsoft Teams is why enterprises are turning to Bandwidth for their communication needs.

“Our customers trust that they can expand their business, meet complex regulations, and launch new communication solutions knowing that, with Bandwidth, 911 is fully supported,” said Adam Covati, Bandwidth’s Vice President of Research and Development.

As part of our commitment to innovation we’re also actively involved in developing technologies that anticipate trends in how users are going to connect to emergency services, with applications and IoT devices that are part of our daily lives being a prime area of growth. Using our solutions, technology innovators such as Noonlight are able to seamlessly connect their subscribers to emergency services using the devices and applications they already have.

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