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Press Release -- January 5th, 2021
Source: Huawei

Huawei’s 5G Core Solution Won the Golden Zizhu Award at the 2020 China Communications Industry Conference

[Beijing, China, January 4, 2021] The annual China Communications Industry Conference was held in Beijing. At the conference, Huawei’s 5G Core solution was presented with the 2020 Golden Zizhu Award, and won the “Excellent Product Technical Solution in 2020” award. In addition, both the communication industry’s top ten events in 2020 and the top ten technology trends of 2021 were announced.

2020CIC best product awardExcellent Product Technical Solution of 2020

The accelerated commercial use of 5G brings rich service experience to individuals and families, makes industry applications more flexible, and brings new service growth opportunities. The core network plays a key role in 5G networks, as it continuously promotes the commercial use of 5G and enables 5G to better serve users and the digital transformation of industries.

Huawei 5G Core solution is based on cloud native and uses key technologies such as network slicing, MEC, 5G LAN, and automation engine to provide users with a deterministic network with customizable, guaranteed, and manageable experience. The solution helps carriers maximize the value of network connections, meet the requirements of different industries for differentiated networks and deterministic experience, expand the industry market, and pave paths for 5G to all economic sectors while serving users. The network has the following advantages:

Stable: The innovative 5GC Cross DC N-Way Redundancy, intelligent 100-fold flow control, and seamless batch upgrade of the telco cloud ensure high network reliability and availability.

Simple: The 2G/3G/4G/5G convergent core network helps carriers quickly construct networks and reduce operation costs.

Fast: Huawei 5G Core solution uses a series of MEC hardware and innovative technologies, such as UPF’s plug-and-play, multi-dimensional dynamic slicing, network capability openness, and A/B test, to implement fast network deployment, service provisioning, application integration, and version rollout.

Intelligent: Intelligent technologies are introduced for network optimization, proactive network fault prevention, and automatic fault recovery, achieving intelligent and automatic O&M.

Beneficial: Through smooth user migration, priority operation, and new communication solutions, Huawei 5G Core solution helps carriers ensure and improve user experience, and expand their 5G subscriber base. Public networks for private use, high-availability private networks, and industry solutions help carriers become the preferred partners in industry digital transformation.

Huawei will work closely with global carriers and industry partners to promote 5G commercialization and facilitate business success through continuous innovation.

The Communications Industry Conference (CIC) & Annual Conference on Communication Technology have been held for 15 years, starting in 2006. The conferences gathered government officials, experts, and top entrepreneurs in the communication industry, being among the most esteemed industry events in China.

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