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Press Release -- January 28th, 2021
Source: Comcast

California Department of Technology Awards Comcast Business a New CALNET Data Networks and Communications Services Agreement as Provider for California public sector markets

The California Department of Technology (CDT) has awarded Comcast Business a contract through its CALNET NextGen Services program, which will allow Comcast to contract with public agencies to support their business requirements.

CDT’s stated goals are to deliver digital services, find responsive solutions for business needs, and provide quality assurance for state government IT projects and services. Through the CALNET program, CDT gives state-run agencies an easy way to find and select telecommunications and network services via simple forms on a portal. This helps eliminate the lengthy, and often costly, procurement process, and removes the burden of managing a vendor contract from the agency. The CALNET program also vets these services for quality, pricing, service-level agreements and more. Many states offer programs like this, but CALNET is one of the most elaborate.

Following a competitive bidding process, CDT selected Comcast Business as one of its providers. As a CALNET provider, Comcast Business can offer Category 23 Ethernet Services, Category 24 Ethernet Dedicated Internet and Category 30 Business Class Internet Services to more than 2,000 state and non-state agencies. By contracting with Comcast Business and other service providers through CALNET, higher-education institutions, K-12 schools, state agencies, and cities and counties across California can benefit from fully vetted network services and reasonable pricing.

“We’re pleased to continue to offer Comcast Business services to state organizations looking for diversity of choice as well as increased bandwidth, reliability and scalability,” said David Cross, Vice President of Government and Education for Comcast Business. “Comcast Business brings a wealth of options in both pricing structures and product options, giving state agencies the flexibility to choose the services that fit their individual business models.”

Comcast Business has been part of the previous agreement, CALNET3, since 2017, through which the company worked with many large state departments, cities, counties and educational institutions.

Comcast Business offers broadband internet services that are available to public sector organizations that can now provide this service to their teleworkers at their home office. This broadband internet service is separate from a home’s residential network and helps to augment bandwidth, allowing remote workers to stay connected and productive.


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