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Press Release -- January 22nd, 2021
Source: padtec

Ava Telecom expands its optical network in the interior of Sao Paulo with Padtec solutions 15/01/2021

The DWDM optical systems provided to the operator offers 1.2 Tb/s of total data capacity to support approximately 50 local service providers.

Extend the reach of your optical network, strengthen the security of data traffic with alternative transmission routes and meet the growing demand for bandwidth in the metropolitan and interior regions of the state of Sao Paulo. These are the main objectives that Ava Telecom, a Brazilian operator that provides data and voice services, met by investing in the expansion of its DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) optical networks using Padtec systems with per wavelength transmission rates of 100 and 200 Gb/s.

The operator currently has nearly 3,000 kilometers of in service optical networks between the capital and the interior of São Paulo which interconnect the main data exchange points in the country. To light up a new stretch more than 600 kilometers in length – an optical ring that connects the cities of Campinas and Ourinhos in the interior of Sao Paulo – Padtec supplied transponders with 100 and 200 Gb/s per channel data rates and protection systems. This new network offers total data traffic capacity of 1.2 Tb/s and allows Ava Telecom to meet the bandwidth demands of 50 new local internet service providers, providing the market with a new alternative for interconnection between states.

Paul Sassine, Ava Telecom’s CEO, points out that, in addition to more autonomy and security for data traffic, the investment in it’s networks opens up new business opportunities for the operator which can, for example, provide dedicated links for expanding customers. “Ava Telecom’s investment in innovation and expansion of its network infrastructure has been motivated, above all, by the continued growth in the demand for bandwidth resulting from the increase in traffic during the social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Another important motivator is the ever-increasing performance of ISPs in order to better meet the demand in the interior of the state and offer its customers more quality and new services “, says the executive.

In Brazil, Padtec has already deployed more than 70,000 kilometers of DWDM optical networks for internet service providers. “Regional providers reached the end of 2020 as they started: growing. This group of companies scattered throughout Brazil already represents over 40% of the national fixed broadband market”, says Argemiro Sousa, Padtec’s Business Director and Acting President, referring to data released by Anatel at the beginning of the third quarter of 2020. “To meet the demand of this market for high transmission capacity with reduced space footprint, Padtec has developed, for example, a compact DWDM solution, which offers ISPs a very attractive cost-performance ratio”, says the executive. “The providers now have solutions that add more capacity to their transmission networks at affordable costs”, he adds.

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