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Press Release -- October 27th, 2020
Source: Sprint Nextel

Tropical Storm Zeta: Preparation tips for T‑Mobile and Metro by T‑Mobile Customers

As Tropical Storm Zeta makes its way across the Gulf of Mexico towards the US Gulf Coast, T-Mobile is closely monitoring the situation and taking steps to ready our emergency response teams to help in impacted communities, as needed. Our teams are prepared to deploy additional personnel and network support equipment as necessary to minimize any potential service interruptions in affected areas.

Part of our preparations may include closing some stores in the coming days, depending on the projected track of the storm. If you need to visit one of our locations, please reach out to your local store to confirm their status.

We know how important staying connected is during these events. As a reminder, the majority of T-Mobile and Sprint customers are on plans offering unlimited talk, text and data.

  • For T-Mobile, these are customers on Magenta, Essentials, Unlimited Age 55+, T-Mobile One, or Simple Choice plan, while Sprint customers on Sprint’s Unlimited, Unlimited Freedom and certain older plans are also covered.
  • Metro by T-Mobile customers also have unlimited talk and text on all plans.

If you are in an area that could potentially be impacted, we encourage you to follow any evacuation orders that may be issued by local authorities and hope that you stay safe over the coming days. In the meantime, we recommend customers, particularly in areas of impact along the Gulf Coast, take the following steps to prepare themselves.

  • Make a disaster kit! Include things like batteries, snacks, water, first aid kit, flashlight and device chargers.
  • Update your family, friends and emergency services contact numbers. Make sure they’re saved and backed up AND written down someplace accessible.
  • Subscribe to local authorities’ text alerts and connect with local authorities’ social networks to learn about new developments before, during and after a disaster.
  • Keep your mobile devices fully charged! Have charging cables handy and consider investing in a car or portable charging device.
  • Download emergency-assistance apps from the Red Cross and FEMA.
  • Make sure your phone supports Wireless Emergency Alerts and that you have enabled notifications on your device. Visit for details on how to set up alerts on T-Mobile and Sprint devices.
  • Set up Wi-Fi Calling on your phone. For Apple phones, go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling; for Android phones, go to Settings > More Connection Settings > Wi-Fi Calling.

More information on how T-Mobile prepares for storms like Tropical Storm Zeta, is available in the T-Mobile Newsroom.

*During congestion, customers using >50GB/mo. and Essentials customers may notice lower speeds than other customers due to data prioritization. Metro by T-Mobile customers using >35GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds and Metro customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile due to prioritization.

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