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Press Release -- July 1st, 2020
Source: Orange Business

Orange Business Services Delivers Collaboration and Contact Center Services for ZIM to Improve Customer Experience in Cargo Shipping

  • Solution integrates digital customer care, relationship management and analytics
  • Supports ZIM’s focus on providing its customers with a differentiated customer experience
Orange Business Services supports ZIM on providing its customers with a differentiated customer experience (Photo: Business Wire)

Orange Business Services supports ZIM on providing its customers with a differentiated customer experience (Photo: Business Wire)

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZIM Integrated Shipping has extended its contract with Orange Business Services for cloud-based contact center and collaboration services, including network connectivity and audio and web conferencing. This solution will continue to boost collaboration and productivity across 20 contact centers globally, resulting in an enhanced experience for ZIM’s customers.

ZIM is one of the largest carriers in the global container shipping industry, and Orange has a long-standing relationship with the shipping giant as its trusted partner to provide its worldwide corporate IT infrastructure. ZIM remains at the forefront of the carrier industry due to its ability to rapidly adapt to the shipping industry’s commercially changing models and emerging market needs. The contact center and collaboration services help ZIM differentiate itself in a market where high-quality customer experience is one of the main drivers for retention and satisfaction.

Leveraging cloud to transform the customer experience
Orange deployed Managed Contact Center (MCC), which is seamlessly integrated with ZIM’s bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, to enable the assignment of the most appropriate agent to callers based on their latest profiles and interactions. Typically, queries relate to bookings and cargo updates. The contact center has been crucial during the current pandemic to keep customers updated on changing cargo routes designed to minimize supply chain disruptions.

In-depth data analytics and reporting provided by the solution gives ZIM complete visibility of contact center activities and customer communications. This functionality allows the company to data mine and analyze customer needs, providing them with the most suitable solution and service. In addition, a dashboard and real-time monitoring system gives ZIM a 360-degree view of call center queues on a dynamic digital whiteboard located in each of ZIM’s call centers. Thanks to such tools, ZIM can take advantage of an optimized response time and have visibility on relevant data for answering the calls – all of this resulting in a highly improved customer experience.

In addition, Orange is providing ZIM with a unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platform which can deliver voice, video, conferencing and collaboration tools to all of ZIM’s knowledge workers. These services are available from a secure Orange cloud while complying with the local regulation and requirements. All services are consistently made available under a pre-agreed service level that guarantees improved productivity and agility for ZIM in an unpredictable shipping environment.

“Shipping companies need to be agile in rapidly changing markets and deliver customer experience excellence. As a trusted partner, Orange Business Services has continuously adapted to ZIM’s requirements, improving contact center and UCC services to match the evolution of ZIM’s business needs and customer expectations at a local and global level. The ability to have business applications tightly linked to the communications environment is now a live strategic tool in ZIM business processes, allowing it to communicate with and serve customers worldwide,” said Fabrice de Windt, Senior Vice President, Europe, Orange Business Services.

These solutions have been crucial in helping ZIM through the pandemic that has disrupted global supply chains. “We succeeded in maintaining our high level of customer experience across our global branches, despite the COVID-19 pandemic implications, necessitating many of our customer service teams to work from home with very short notice. This was in large part thanks to Orange Business Services’ technology and capabilities,” explains Assaf Tiran, ZIM’s Global Customer Service Vice President.

About ZIM
Since 1945, ZIM provides creative operational and logistical solutions to customers. Over the years ZIM has grown to become a leading force in the global shipping industry, by pioneering innovative technologies and expanding its vast geographical network while maintaining its tradition of excellence.

About Orange Business Services
Orange Business Services is a network-native digital services company and the global enterprise division of the Orange Group. It connects, protects and innovates for enterprises around the world to support sustainable business growth. Leveraging its connectivity and system integration expertise throughout the digital value chain, Orange Business Services is well placed to support global businesses in areas such as software-defined networks, multi-cloud services, Data and AI, smart mobility services, and cybersecurity. It securely accompanies enterprises across every stage of the data lifecycle end-to-end, from collection, transport, storage and processing to analysis and sharing.

With companies thriving on innovation, Orange Business Services places its customers at the heart of an open collaborative ecosystem. This includes its 27,000 employees, the assets and expertise of the Orange Group, its technology and business partners, and a pool of finely selected start-ups. More than 3,000 multinational enterprises, as well as two million professionals, companies and local communities in France, put their trust in Orange Business Services.

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Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with revenues of 42.2 billion euros in 2019 and 266 million customers worldwide at 31 December 2019. Orange is listed on the Euronext Paris (ORA) and on the New York Stock Exchange (ORAN). In December 2019, Orange presented its new “Engage 2025” strategic plan, guided by social and environmental accountability. While accelerating in growth areas, such as B-to-B services and placing data and AI at the heart of innovation, the entire Orange Group will be an attractive and responsible employer.

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