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Press Release -- July 31st, 2020
Source: Huawei

Huawei’s Richard Liu: Build Deterministic Networking oriented 5G Core Network

[Shenzhen, China, July 30, 2020] The 2020 Better World Summit was recently held online. Richard Liu, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, delivered a keynote speech at the summit in which he gave an in-depth introduction to the cloud transformation, 5G core network evolution, and 5G service development in the 5G large-scale construction phase. Huawei is willing to work with global operators to build a deterministic networking oriented 5G core network and build a new 5G business era.

Richard Liu BWS speechRichard Liu delivers a keynote speech

Cloud is the foundation of 5G, and 5G brings new opportunities to the core network. The industry should work together to focus on service innovation, shift from technology-driven to business-driven, seize the historical opportunities of 5G industry development, and quickly build a simplified, reliable, and agile cloud-based core network, laying a solid foundation for rapid 5G development.

The 5G SA industry chain is mature in terms of 5G standards, network construction, and terminals. Operators should start with the end in mind and build a fully converged 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA core network in one step, enabling fast 5G introduction, simplified network architecture, and optimal user experience. In addition, operators should use the Single Voice Core five-in-one solution, simplified audio and video networks, simplified O&M, and optimal experience when 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and fixed network voice coexist for a long time.

The capabilities of network slicing provided by 5G will boost B2B markets. Network slicing brings private network experience to industry customers and ensures the certainty and availability of differentiated connections. Carriers can use core network slicing firstly to meet user service isolation and self-management requirements, implement E2E SLA monitoring and closed-loop management, seize the first wave of 5G ToB market, and gradually move towards WAN scenarios and E2E network slicing.

MEC is another essential technology introduced in 5G. It emphasizes using computing strength to fuel connectivity. Physical sites are operators’ core asset, and connectivity constitutes operators’ competitive edge. MEC enables operators to extend network boundaries, deploy their sites closer to end users, and deliver services swiftly and precisely through powerful connections. MEC also helps synergize the network edge with the cloud, facilitating service rollout and development at the edge, and building MEC-based sustainable ecosystems for different industries.

Make it reality. Huawei is always looking forward to cooperating with operators worldwide to build 5G deterministic networking, promote industry consensus, foster industry ecosystems, and strive for business success.

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