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Press Release -- June 4th, 2020
Source: vox-carrier

Vox Carrier Expands the Reach of its Advanced Origin Based Rating (OBR) Capabilities with More Destinations

The service enables operators to effectively terminate traffic according to different countries’ OBR regulations, with direct routing and best optimised cost of termination.

Hong Kong SAR, 4 June 2020 – Vox Carrier announces expansion of its advanced Origin Based Rating (OBR) capabilities with more destinations and networks in Europe, providing operators with more direct routes and cost saving opportunities.  The service provides high-quality direct termination at extremely competitive prices to partners around the world, while simplifying the OBR process in a number of different countries.

The solution ensures that operators’ traffic is terminated correctly to avoid OBR penalty surcharges and helps to combat fraudulent activities around OBR. The OBR service is part of Vox Platinum, offering a high-quality voice service with performance guarantees, broad coverage and around-the-clock support.

Vox Carrier is currently offering OBR solutions for voice termination in the following 15 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

“As OBR is introduced across a growing number of countries, it is creating new challenges for operators. They are seeing large surcharges that directly impact their margins and we’ve made a commitment to help our customers avoid unnecessary penalties,” said Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO at Vox Carrier. “Our OBR solution provides guaranteed CLI and direct connectivity, enabling operators to seamlessly integrate OBR into their operations and optimise their cost of termination. We’re removing the complexity from OBR so that operators can effectively monetise their traffic.”

OBR provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with the ability to charge differently for international minutes terminating on their network, depending on the origin of the traffic. This has created complexity for operators across the globe, increased their cost of termination, and resulted in degradation of quality and customer experience due to arbitrage and fraudulent activities around the service. Areas such as CLI manipulation, CLI refiling, and SIMbox termination enable some players in the market to circumvent paying the additional surcharges imposed by MNOs. At the same time, operators are seeing a huge cost increase for their voice termination as they are faced with “defensive” pricing charges that are imposed to them by carriers who may not have the capabilities of routing and managing OBR as effectively as Vox Carrier does.

“Taking the complexity out of this equation and providing our customers with direct quality routes at the most optimal cost structure is our mission. This is part of the monetisation journey that we take our customers on and that directly impacts their profitability,” said Nicholas Nikrouyan, CCO & Chief of Staff at Vox Carrier. “We are currently covering more than 20 mobile networks and continue to expand this activity as OBR is rolled out across new markets. It is an opportunity to add new value for our customers and use our technology to solve a growing challenge for operators.”

Since 2018 Vox Carrier has been acquiring licenses in various countries, enabling local interconnection through a regulated environment. This provides access to the mobile termination rate pricing with direct MNO access, quality of service and stringent regulatory imposed SLAs with local in-country operators. On top of this, its VOX360 platform can detect and block all CLI or A-Number manipulations and other related fraudulent activities in real time, helping MNOs to protect their network.

About Vox Carrier

Vox Carrier optimises, accelerates and simplifies International Voice and Messaging through innovation in technology, platforms and processes. We serve operators, service providers, carriers, aggregators and enterprises worldwide, delivering an array of services such as Voice, A2P Messaging, service monetization and operational outsourcing. Vox Carrier’s technologies initiative,Vox Technologies, has also launched Vox360, which won ‘The Best Anti-Fraud Innovation’ at the 2019 Messaging and SMS Global Awards. Vox360 is an anti-fraud solution designed to simplify the fight against fraud in telecommunications. To learn more, get in touch at

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