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Press Release -- June 5th, 2020
Source: Huawei

Huawei’s OptiXtrans Optical Transport Platform Wins Grand Prize for Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2020

[Tokyo, June 5, 2020] At Interop Tokyo 2020, the largest ICT exhibition in Japan, Huawei’s next-generation optical transport platform, OptiXtrans OSN 9800 M12, won the ‘Grand Prize for Best of Show Award’ for its ultra-wide spectrum, ultra-large single-fiber capacity, high integration, and intelligent O&M. This is the second time that Huawei’s optical transport products have won the Interop Tokyo Grand Prize.

The Best of Show Award is the highest award at Interop Tokyo, Japan. The awarding of Huawei OptiXtrans OSN 9800 M12 marks the recognition of Huawei’s optical transport products in the Japanese network infrastructure market, which is well-known for its advanced and strict requirements.

OSN 9800 M12 is Huawei’s next-generation optical transport platform. Its innovative Super C-band technology greatly increases spectrum resources by 50%, with its 800G optical module programmable from 200G to 800G. The maximum capacity of a single optical fiber is 48T, 40% higher than the industry average. In addition, this platform features the highest integration and lowest power consumption in the industry. One cabinet can house 10 subracks and supports a maximum of 1040 100GE services, greatly reducing the site TCO and building an optimal per-bit cost optical transport network.

To ensure maximum single-fiber capacity and optimal transmission performance, Huawei has innovated end-to-end components and algorithms. With innovations in the Super C-band laser, Super C-band WSS, and Super C-band optical amplifier, it is the first time that the limit of the traditional C band has been broken (one that has been used for three decades), greatly expanding the available spectrum of fibers. Based on the laser, modulator, and receiver of the silicon photonics technology, as well as the unique channel matched shaping (CMS) algorithm, 800G with the highest spectral efficiency in the industry has been realized.

“Optical communication technologies that support the Internet and provide high bandwidth will become more and more important in the future. Huawei OptiXtrans OSN 9800 M12 supports Super C-band wavelengths and provides a single-wavelength capacity of 800 Gbit/s, achieving single-fiber capacity of 48 Tbit/s. As the most cutting-edge WDM product, therefore, the Grand Prize of the network infrastructure category is hereby awarded,” said an Interop Tokyo panel member.

Mr. Simon Lu, President of Huawei’s Optical Transport Domain, said, “Huawei’s all-optical network 2.0 (ON2.0) solution promotes the evolution of the entire all-optical network industry with new rates, new sites, and new smart O&M capabilities. It helps carriers build all-optical service bearer networks and build ultimate service experience.”

Interop Tokyo is an industry recognized gathering and the largest ICT exhibition in Japan. The Best of Show Award is a flagship of Interop Tokyo. The winner of this award is the most innovative, technically advanced product or solution that features high business value. It is selected from hundreds of candidates by the functional review team, which is comprised of industry experts and leading academics. Winning the Best of Show Award in the network infrastructure category demonstrates that Huawei’s OptiXtrans OSN 9800 M12 is highly regarded by experts throughout the industry.

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