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Press Release -- May 22nd, 2020
Source: DE-CIX

The evolution of the data center

Data centers are the warehouses of digital economy. They are a home to data, platforms and applications. And this is why Internet Exchanges like DE-DIX also make their homes in data centers.

Today, data centers are critical infrastructure not just for businesses but for societies as well. They have evolved from isolated computer rooms in office buildings to digital ecosystems that are at the core of the Internet. Without these ecosystems of data centers, the networks connected to them, and Internet Exchanges interconnecting them, the Internet could not have developed as it has.

Interconnection ecosystems

Sites for data centers are chosen for their proximity to other networks, to fiber, to power stations, and for their distance from geographical, environmental, and structural dangers. They offer fail-safes against potential down-time and single points of failure and ensure redundancy in terms of connectivity and power.

The more interconnected data centers operate within close proximity to another, the more attractive it becomes to other data center operators to build nearby. This then attracts more and more networks that want to access and participate in the increasingly dense ecosystems.

For example, the mushrooming interconnectivity in Frankfurt – there are 113 data centers in the area – nicely illustrates the profound effect that digitalization has been having on our world for the last two decades.

From storage evolution to digital revolution

Read our in-depth article “The role of data centers in an interconnected world – from storage evolution to digital revolution” to find out more about the history of data centers. The article is published on our jubilee website celebrating 25 years of Internet history.

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