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Press Release -- May 15th, 2020
Source: Ericsson

Podcast series: How Ericsson field engineers are keeping networks running

Even in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Ericsson field engineers are still making site visits, servicing radio towers and planning new implementations every day, all over the world. Listen to their first-hand stories here.

Ericsson field staff

Ericsson engineers in the field

Mobile networks are increasingly recognized as essential infrastructure and Ericsson engineers and field staff are part of critical teams that are deployed during a crisis. So even when a country goes into lockdown, Ericsson engineers are making sure we have the connectivity we need to stay in touch with loved ones, access essential services, and run our businesses.

As part of a three-part podcast series, we’ve spoken to Ericsson engineers in different parts of the world about the unique circumstances they face keeping networks running.

Kris Lewis, Implementation Manager, United States

Based out of New Orleans, in the US, Kris Lewis is responsible for coordinating new site integrations, technology upgrades, and meeting the capacity needs of customers throughout the country. He says that connectivity has never been more important as it is now but that the challenge is finding ways to deliver services while keeping his teams safe. “Ericsson has always been creative in our approach to design new ways of working. This is just another challenge that we will overcome.”

Kris Lewis, Implementation Manager, Ericsson US

Listen to episode 1 with Kris Lewis 

Terwinder Singh Ajit Singh, Field engineer, Malaysia

In Malaysia, people have been living under a government-ordered lockdown since March. Many buildings are closed and there are strict limitations on movement. Terwinder Singh says that one of the big challenges right now is getting access to restricted buildings and carrying out his work with appropriate social distancing. “We are going to sites and solving the issues. And once we solve their issues, the happy faces that I see after restoring connectivity for the community, is priceless.”

Terwinder Singh

Listen to episode 2 with Terwinder Singh 

Neil Easter, Lead Engineer, United Kingdom

With so many people in isolation right now, the spotlight has turned to the national communications infrastructure necessary for keeping a country connected. In this episode Neil Easter talks about how his work as a lead engineer has changed during the COVID-19 crisis. “The priority of rural sites is quite paramount right now because of people working from home. And our team is driven to attending not only to sites that are down but also sites that have interference issues, and getting them solved as quickly as possible.”

Neil Easter, Lead Engineer, United Kingdom

Listen to episode 3 with Neil Easter

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