RETN expands into new markets: Georgia and Armenia

Tbilisi, 2d of April 2020 – Driven by increased customer requests from adjacent markets, RETN is expanding its network coverage in the Middle East, the company has established new business units and points of presence (PoPs) in Georgia and Armenia as a part of its overall global strategy.

Following the opening of a new office in Tbilisi (RETN GE LLC) and registration of an entity in Yerevan at the end of 2019, RETN announced that they have successfully set up two points of presence in the Caucasus located at the following addresses:  Politkovskaia str. 5, 0186, Tbilisi, Georgia (NewTelco data centre), and Nikol Duman str. 62, 0028, Yerevan, Armenia (ArpiNet data centre).

Both PoPs are interconnected and linked to the RETN Eurasian network by circuits running through Russia and Bulgaria. Redundancy is provided by a backup route through the Black Sea. Currently delivering L2 VPN services in the new markets, the PoPs will soon be able to deliver the full RETN product suite.

“Having established its presence in Tbilisi and Yerevan, RETN has started to provide seamless direct access to the RETN network to companies that are developing their business in Armenia, Georgia and bordering territories. The countries in the Caucasus area are gaining in economic importance due to their beneficial geographical position between Europe and Asia. Opening up the new markets on our network, we are better positioned to support the growing number of requests from our customers in and to this region. From a technical and commercial perspective we are ready to respond to the interests of global enterprises in improved connectivity between Europe and the Middle East,” states Andrey Kuznetsov, Director of Business Development at RETN and Managing Director of the new RETN entities. “We are delighted to announce that our local sales and technical staff have already got to work and are fully equipped to provide necessary support while delivering connectivity services”.

“The fact that we already have our first customers to connect is very encouraging and gives us reassurance about the bright perspective of further active developments in the Caucasus. We strive to keep the same high level of service quality, implementation speed and local market knowledge, as we proved these factors to be our main competitive advantages in all territories where we provide our services”, comments Vage Bekchian, Commercial Director at RETN in Georgia and Armenia.


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